Rap-Rock, So ’90s

P.O.D. recently canceled a planned six-city tour of the U.K. with Filter. Why? According to band members quoted by Undercover.com.au, a “recently announced hiatus” made the South Bay band “unable to fulfill touring obligations” planned for February. The reason behind the band’s “hiatus” is unclear, and calls to their manager, agent, and Columbia Records spokesperson were not returned.

The status of P.O.D. – one of the most prolific local bands ever – has seemed shaky since guitarist-song writer Marcos Curiel was fired in 2003. Curiel, who’d been in the band for 11 years – pursued legal action against his bandmates over unpaid royalties. He said he was “happy” with a settlement he received. In spite of the conflict, he was asked to rejoin the band 2 years ago.

After Curiel rejoined, they were signed to INO Records, a Nashville-based Christian label distributed by Columbia. INO released P.O.D.’s seventh studio album, When Angels and Serpents Dance, in April; that album has so far sold 109,000 copies. Compare those sales to the band’s most successful album, Satellite, which sold 4 million copies.

Curiel was instrumental in writing the music for Satellite and Fundamental Elements of Southtown, the band’s two best-sellers. The two P.O.D. albums released after Curiel left had disappointing sales, and P.O.D. was subsequently dropped by Atlantic. Their last record with Atlantic, 2006’s Testify, sold 242,000 copies.

“I don’t think they evolved their sound very well,” says one radio insider who decided against playing the band’s latest record. “It didn’t sound like 2008; it sounded like late-’90s rap-rock, and I don’t think that [sound] matters now.”

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Loving the live links to related Reader pages!! And when you click to the POD page itself, there are more links, to past Reader stories about the band - collectively, the whole POD story seems to have unfolded in the Reader. Nice!

Sonny posted this on the band blog today (to be taken with the proverbial grain - or pillar? - of salt): "There are a lot of rumors flying around right now but please pay no attention to all of that. Just know that the P.O.D. boys are ALL GOOD and are looking forward to doing what we do best in South America and wherever opportunities may present itself [sic] in the future. Thank you for all your love and encouragement as we head out for the next couple weeks. Please keep us, our travels and our families back home in your prayers as we'll be gone through the holiday. With Thanksgiving around the corner, remember to be thankful for your many blessings and know that we are thankful for you."

very secret illuminati stuff. maybe praying the gay away backfired.

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