My slang word has a two-fold meaning. The first is the origin of how I came up with it. I work as a barista at a coffee place that isn’t Starbucks, and I started saying “crappuccino” as a way to describe the drinks and make fun of the people that would come in and order our blended drinks. They want coffee so they get some sugary, blended drink with everything but coffee in it. It’s just a cup of crap, hence, crappuccino. Now I also use it as a way to avoid cussing in front of my two kids.

Anissa Gray | Age: 34 | Occupation: Narrator/Barista | Lives: Normal Heights

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Just remember, Anissa - the people buying your store's product are at the same time making silent fun of you for your choice of career.

Those people that you make fun are the same people who write your paycheck. You should appreciate every Frappuccino they buy...

Really JessD? What I've learned in my 44 years is never assume anything about anyone. My own mom used "San Antonio" in place of cussing and to break the tension we continued with "Dallas, Houston, Corpus Christi...."

Cut the crappucino or I'll beat the Corpus Christi out of the lot of ya!

Love (and kisses),


Hey now, no Austin kissing. Tee hee. :)

Julie, I still have claw marks from your bird the other night at Golden Hall.

Why haven't you called? You said you'd respect me in the morning...

Ahh, yes. There he is...The illustrious Mr. Fred Williams. Oh how I missed you the other night. When the moon is in it's waxing phase, the parrot is prone to clawing. I apologize for that since it is not domesticated. The full moon on the 13th should prove for more ameliorate conditions.

Infact Fumber you are correct he is huge and so the parrot could not fly properly the next few days after the party at Golden Hall. I was on the lookout for you Fumber, but I guess I missed you. I didn't see anyone with a helmet and braces following anyone around.....Damn, I guess next time then huh.

a phone conversation between FRED WILLIAMS the humongous and donna frye goes something like this..... FRED:hey donna how about putting a legalizing marijuana and crack cocaine initiative on the docket at the next council meeting? DONNA:fred what a great idea i was thinking of not only making it legal but also it should be taught at our schools how to procure and use it in a holistic and civilized manner! FRED:my thoughts exactly donna i would be willing to go door to door and try and gain public support for this great idea except for one thing... DONNA:whats that fred? FRED:i am a laughingstock in my own community, nobody likes me because i am a hypocrite and my lard shakes are a embarrassment. DONNA:freddie my boy i will always love you...(do not disturb)

By fumber 7:44 p.m., Nov 8, 2008 > Report it

Hey D-bag Fumbler-we got the messege the first 50 times you posted this SAME post.

As I sat here and crunched numbers on my carbon calculator all night scratching my head wondering why I got such astronomically high numbers, I realized it is stems from all the [email protected]#t talking from you... The war of words between you both gentlemen continues. Why?

Donna Frye, of course, went right back to the city council to fight for the rights of rest of San Diego. She works hard to get change rolling, and she's just begun.

So without any of fumber's assistance, but the rest of San Diego's eager approval, she's managed to Change San Diego a little.

I wish it were much more. Here's my dream list:

Alex Spanos and John Moores take on the responsibility to pay for their own damn stadiums.

The current Port District delegation is recalled and replaced with some fresh new faces, with fresh new ideas that correspond to today's financial reality.

Same with the Airport Authority.

CCDC and SEDC are returned to the city's redevelopment authority so there is a clear line of accountability and we can recover some of that cash.

The labor unions and city sit down and have a sober discussion about how to deal with the pension obligations. No one wants to break the city, and there is room to give on both sides.

The developer clique disbands, bankrupt and humiliated by their over extension through gambling on real estate and exotic financing. They are last seen in the Caribbean, dragging gold laden chests off their boats...and promptly falling into the sea, entangled to drown in their loot.

Donna, in the end, will be remembered in San Diego history books as the reformer who, if listened to earlier, might have averted so many of the city's worst moves.

Yet her energy and drive are strong. She knows the path ahead is difficult. She persists, relentless, able to shrug off the muppet-mumblers of the UT as if they no bore no more lightning or thunder than fumber.

I'm hopeful for our city, yet will have to keep a watch over what really gets done in the months and years ahead.

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