For All Those Ladies Out There

“I had show offers before I even had band members, as far away as Texas,” says drummer Doug Smith of Nite Romantics, a Duran Duran tribute band that debuted this month at the new Channel Twelve 25 club in El Cajon (at 172 East Main Street).

“Female fans were salivating via MySpace, chomping at the bit for a DD tribute. There were a lot of women at our last show.… The whole front row of the crowd was lined with women singing and dancing along.…

“Our goal is to as closely emulate the look and feel of a Duran Duran show as we can,” according to Smith, who says their black and white linen suits are meant to recall videos such as “Rio” and “Hungry Like the Wolf.”

“I think they’re a guilty pleasure that a lot of people are embarrassed to admit liking. Musically, they were very underrated and underappreciated. I think they got caught up in the pinup aspect of things, the screaming teenage girls, [and] the ultra-marketing and packaging.”

Nite Romantics singer Irv Becker is an amateur filmmaker, while keyboardist Raven White is an actor who’s played bit roles in films. Guitarist Johnny Alonso is also an actor, with a semi-regular role on the One Tree Hill TV show. Bassist Gil Barron is known around town as an accomplished flamenco guitar player.

According to Smith, the Beauty Bar has already offered Nite Romantics a monthly slot. Their next appearance there is June 24.

– Jay Allen Sanford

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This is Doug from Nite Romantics...

We need to add some clarification to the band member's descriptions in the article.

Gil plays in various bands around town including a Gipsy Kings tribute band, but doesn't consider himself an "accomplished Flamenco player."

Irv is a television and independent film actor, with several films in the works. He moved to LA from Baltimore to continue his acting career after seeing the Nite Romantics ad on Myspace.

Johnny has also been on Dawson's Creek, been in many indie films, and has several other films set to be released. He's also the co-host of Nasa 360 on the Discovery Channel.

Raven White has a solo band also called Raven White where he Sings lead and plays guitar and does Originals, covers and tribute Shows to Gary Numan and Sigue Sigue Sputnik.

Our Myspace page is http://www.myspace.com/niteromantics. Full bios, photos and show dates are available there.

Our email address is [email protected]

Worth mentioning that the band did indeed provide us with all this info, but there's just no room in a 200 word Blurt to say all we'd like to say. Thank gawd for comment forums! (or thank Al Gore, since he once essentially claimed to invent the internet). Gil may be too modest to consider himSELF an "accomplished" player, but I've seen and heard him and the company he keeps and performs with, and I'm certainly impressed!

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