I'onte Mut Know

I’m originally from Birmingham, Alabama, and all my slang is dirty South. “I’onte mut know,” is something that you say if you don’t know an answer. Like if someone asks you if you’re going to a club you can say, “I'ont e mut know,” and it means, “I didn’t even much know about that.” Another thing we say is “proshate,” which means “appreciate.” You can say it instead of thank you. If someone gives you something, you can say “proshate” back to them and it means the same thing. I’ve been teaching other people to say it since I moved out here. “Eknow” means that you know something, if someone is telling you something you already knew, you just say back, “eknow.”

Barry Kendrick | Age: 23 | Occupation: Cost Accountant | Lives: College Area

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