Caught Off Guard by the Psychedelic Sitar

Artist: Titanarum

Song: “Aging Quickly” (from the EP Spastis Progressivus Aggressiorum)

Heard By: Xavier Hernandez, City Heights

I thought that it was pretty fucking intense. My whole thing is that I think there should be more bands like that in San Diego. I’m sure the lyrics are really good — the Neighbors lyrics were really good, and it’s the same singer. I work at a record store, and I’d definitely put it in the punk section. I would compare it to stuff like Charles Bronson, Drop Dead, and Jenny Piccolo — fast, thrashy punk. I saw them live at Chasers two months ago, and they blew me away. That would be good music for sitting in your room and shaking your fist, riding your bike while shaking your fist, or taking a nice, hot bubble bath while shaking your fist. Anything, but mostly shaking your fist, though.

Artist: The Apes of Wrath

Song: “Bubble” (from the CD Plastic, Fake & Frozen)

Heard By: John Eisenhart, Mission Hills

They seemed like good musicians, but there was nothing interesting about the music. It was kind of predictable. They’re just trying to be too commercial. I can’t really say what band they would be compared to, other than just a top-20 type of band. It was like post-punk, maybe power-pop. There were a lot of guitars — that same guitar riff over and over again. Those guitars were [in the] forefront — especially that lead guitar. Production-wise, it was pretty flat; they should get a new producer. The vocalist sounded very faintly like the Cure. When I hear that band, [I picture] preparing for suicide. It was not of interest for me.

Artist: Christopher Cash

Song: “Morning Star” (from the CD Invisible)

Heard By: Aaron Swanton, Golden Hill

It’s kind of interesting — lots of sitars. I think I was caught off guard by the psychedelic sitar. It sounds like the guy listens to a lot of George Harrison, David Bowie, and the Beatles. I don’t normally pay attention to the lyrics in songs off the first listen unless it’s a singer with an acoustic guitar because it’s more in your face. It was well produced and recorded. They probably spent a pretty penny doing all that. The vocal melodies were reminiscent of a Beatles song — Revolver era. I would say they probably do pretty well. They sound like they have their audience already, and if they don’t, there’s already a built-in audience for that type of music.

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