Darth Vera

He went through each track of the CD and talked about screenplays he’d written. He said he often doesn’t get a writer’s credit. I didn’t realize that you could have a career writing movies and TV shows without your name appearing anywhere. I wondered if that enabled screenwriters to stretch the truth in their résumés.

After 30 minutes, I could tell Bonnie wanted to leave, and this guy was going on and on. I said, “Well, we have to get to that pub before it closes.” And he threw more stories at me about the various celebrities he’d worked with. He mentioned Dolly Parton, Robert Duvall...then Bonnie stuck her hand out and said, “It was really a pleasure to meet you. We enjoyed talking with you.” We started to walk away when he said, “I can give you this CD if you want it.” I said, “No, that’s cool.”

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Should have taken the CD. I know a guy who knows a guy - and his cd wound up in the first class cabin of a trans-atlantic flight. 2 months later, his band is starting their first ever world tour!

I usually take CDs. And, often times, I'm pleasantly surprised. I was at a party (I haven't written about it yet, but it was a long time ago). And, I was telling this guy how much I like Anna Troy. He let me borrow two of her CDs, and I love them.

I was talking to Rusty Anderson, he's Paul McCartney's guitarist. And, he says there are times when he'll be with Paul in a limo, and that little window goes down. And the limo driver is handing a tape to Paul, saying "This is my nephews band. You should listen to it."

There's nothing worse though, then having the musician continuing to bug you afterwards, because they want to know what you thought of their band. Especially if you hated them.

The last few times I got CDs from friends...it was a local band called West of Memphis. And wow, they were really good. And, I remember years ago, playing racquetball with a guy that's good friends with Greg Laswell. I borrowed that CD, and it was great. That year, he got nominated for a bunch of SD music awards.

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