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“Chasers is the new Scolari’s,” singer Vv Morgue says of the North Park bar. “Scolari’s no longer has bands, so their crew all moved on over to Chasers to pick up the pieces.”

Last year, Morgue posted notices online telling locals, “Fuck Chasers” and “Never go to Chasers” after witnessing what she called a “skinhead brawl” during a Ghost Ship concert.

“So when I heard Chasers was being taken over by the Scolari’s group, I was still apprehensive. But I’ve had several friends play the new Chasers, and they say it’s better than Scolari’s because they have more room and a stage.”

Former Scolari’s booker and bartender T-Bone – now at Chasers – says, “I’m kinda surprised at how Scolari’s is long gone. Donny has worked out a deal with the owner of Chasers to become the new bar manager. As of right now, we also have Chris James, Chandra, [and] all the nighttime bartenders and doormen from Scolari’s working at Chasers. We know Chasers has a bad rep.… Only one nighttime bartender from Chasers remains, and she only works on Monday nights, and she’s actually very nice.”

Recent Yelp posts about the “new” Chasers are mixed. Lol L. says, “Bad neighborhood.… Lots of shady folk, some pimps and hoes wandering around.”

According to Nichole S., “I don’t like one of the bartenders, and I don’t like the bros that always flock to me for some reason.… I don’t like how I left with some random creeper hipster boy the other night, when I was too drunk to know the difference.”

Sebastian Ulloa of Batwings posted, “[Chasers] is even scummier with even more shady regulars than Scolari’s, but it’s still my best guess for a replacement [venue]. They’ve got a great layout, so that the strictly sit-down-and-drink contingent can still see what’s going on onstage, without necessarily having to be as bothered by it if they don’t want to be.”

The old MySpace page for Scolari’s was recently renamed “Scolari’s is now Chasers.” “Scolari’s was an amazing place that I will miss dearly,” says T-Bone of the club that opened in August 1983. “It had its downsides and drawbacks, but it touched a lot of lives.”

Batwings appears at Chasers tomorrow, May 9; Vv Morgue performs on Friday, May 16.

– Jay Allen Sanford

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Hey Jay, Not bad! But I would have left out the yelp quotes!:o) People are starting to realize that chasers is not so bad after all! when i first moved everything over there i was even kinda worried, but it turns out the neighborhood isn't so bad after all and most of the people that live in it are very cool! We haven't had any problems of any kind in the 2 months since I have taken over the bar! Me managing Chasers with the same crew from Scolari's and the way the bar is setup gives me hope that we can make Chasers a way better venue then Scolari's was!

Please everyone, just give us a chance! :o)

Thanks, Donny

oops! I made a mistake, it has been 4 months since i took over as manager at Chasers!

Thanks, Donny

How do I meet Nichole S? That sounds like it worth a visit alone!

I wouldn't have left out the yelp quotes, I just might have chosen different ones.

And you meet me by not going to Chasers!!

I just want to thank VV for giving us enough credit to play at Chasers again. After what happened to her there it really means a lot to me. I feel that there's a dearth of places to play in San Diego for newer and even established touring bands. There just aren't that many venues for locals who want to play with friends and meet other bands. Where are the places people can just wander in to, grab a drink and maybe see a band that they might really like? There's the Tower, The Zombie, O'connells and that's about it. Kadan is a great place for shows but they rarely do them. Pink Elephant, U-31 and Beauty bar are pretty exclusive and The Casbah is in a whole different league. I hope everyone gives us a chance or two. We really just want to keep doing what we did at Scolaris, free shows, cheap drinks and good music.

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