Award-winner milks Big Bear resort

Richard La China began selling investments in Last Resort

Ponzi schemes — in which early investors are paid off with funds from later investors — are most often tied to stocks, commodities, and currencies. But just a few years ago, when Southern California real estate was sizzling hot, Ponzi schemes made the scene, at least according to two San Diego–related lawsuits filed recently, one by the federal government.

Richard La China (pronounced La-KEEN-a and also spelled LaChina and Lachina) once made a big splash in San Diego as proof that a young entrepreneur doesn’t need a college degree to succeed. He set up a tech company, AXXIS, in 1996, claiming to have great inventions, including a computerized grocery cart. The big accounting firm Ernst & Young awarded him the San Diego Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 1999, when he was only 25. (Those Ernst & Young annual awards have spotty records.)

But according to a civil suit filed by irate investors in superior court late last year, AXXIS was facing lawsuits from vendors, the landlord, and unpaid former employees in the late 1990s. So La China, boasting of his great inventions, sold as much as $20 million of AXXIS stock to investors. But the technologies were “a bust, nothing more than vague ideas,” according to the recent suit, filed by attorneys Scott Dreher and Bryan Snyder. AXXIS and related companies moved from Ridgehaven Court to Convoy Street to El Cajon and finally to La China’s Montgomery Field airplane hangar. He secretly sold AXXIS’s assets in 2000, leaving the investors with “an empty shell,” according to the suit.

Those investors, who had been promised ten percent per year until the company went public, wanted their money back. So, facing a cash shortfall, La China began selling investments in a Big Bear condo operation called Last Resort, according to the suit. It was to run a fractional condominium ownership project called the Club at Big Bear Village. Ironically, its previous owners had run afoul of the Securities and Exchange Commission for running a Ponzi scheme. According to the suit, La China used the investors’ money to buy an airplane and shares of another computer company. He used investors’ money to buy a Scripps Ranch home, then parlayed that into a fancier house there, and finally rose to a lavish home with an ocean-view bathroom in the Santa Fe Valley area of Rancho Bernardo, charges the suit.

Not surprisingly, “when he needed money to actually operate the Last Resort project, he raised it by selling another fraudulent Big Bear real estate investment called Wildwood,” according to the suit. “Then he used the Wildwood investors’ money to pay his own real estate loan obligations and to quietly repay some family members who had invested in Last Resort. He got further and further behind, and when he needed more money, he secretly sold Wildwood and kept the proceeds. He bought himself a condo in Costa Rica and began selling investments in a project there called Tranquilo.

“La China is a serial Ponzi schemer and career impostor,” says the suit.

Investors tell Dreher that La China hasn’t been seen at the Club for many months. His lawyer, Steve Wilhelm, says in a statement that La China “vehemently denies the allegations” by investors, will “vigorously defend” the suit, and may pursue a cross-complaint against those who filed it.

Ponzi has found its way to other corners of Southern California. In February, the Securities and Exchange Commission filed a complaint against James Duncan, Hendrix Montecastro, and Maurice McLeod and their firms for a fraud based largely in Murrieta but with fingers reaching throughout Southern California, including San Diego. At piety-dripping seminars, the promoters recruited investors to get in on the housing boom by speculating on homes. They would be paid annual returns of 13 to 19 percent.

But, says the commission, “they operated a Ponzi-like scheme by using money from new investors to make mortgage payments on previously purchased investment homes.” To do so, says the commission, they falsified loan applications. The scheme unraveled, leaving 75 investors short of $10 million. Some were forced into foreclosures and bankruptcy.

This one was also an affinity-group scam. The three fast-buck artists would prey on Filipinos and members of the military, according to the commission. In selling the program, McLeod would talk about “God’s will” but never mention that he had been convicted of fraud and burglary in 1998. Nor did Duncan disclose that he had been punished for violating securities laws in three states.

Carlsbad attorney Paul Runes, who represents one of the firms, won’t comment.

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La China better be hiding out off shore, beyond the reach of the law-because it sounds like he is going to be visiting the Gray Bar hotel very soon.

Response to post #1: I am not aware that any criminal prosecutors have looked into this matter. I heard that La China left the country for Europe, but couldn't pin that down. Best, Don Bauder

Response to post #152: Interesting. I don't know where it fits in. Best, Don Bauder

Response to post #154: I am not sure whether this saga should be named Love Story or Scam Story. Best, Don Bauder

One would think with your long career as a professional jounalist Mr. Bauder you would research your sources instead of feeding off angry words of investors with something to prove in their lawsuit. Your story has more holes in it than a slice of swiss cheese. It's unfortunate to see that you only site what was said in the claim that was filed, instead of going out and doing your own investigation. I guess it's easier to have others do the work for you. What exact proof did you base your story on? Concrete or hearsay? I would be inrested in knowing. Oh, and one more thing Mr. Bauder if a company as you stated in your atricle is worth $20 million it makes no sense for it to be held privately, companies larger and smaller than that are traded everyday on the NYSE. A comppany would be worth more being traded publicily than held onto privately.

Response to post #3: One problem with researching the La China story was the difficulty getting anyone on La China's side to respond to queries. La China's lawyer initially refused to comment. I called 3 of La China's phone numbers and left messages without a response. Finally, after swapping two emails with La China, and telling him I had to have a comment by a certain time, I finally got a statement from the lawyer. I got no cooperation from Big Bear. Best, Don Bauder

Response to post #5: The column was held over for a couple of weeks because I was hoping La China would do exactly what you say a defendant wouldn't do: give a charge-by-charge reply to the allegations. That's a part of lawsuits, you know. The defense responds to the charges. The defense has asked the plaintiffs for added time -- a long time -- to respond; the plaintiffs have said no. Best, Don Bauder

I hear you fancy yourself as an investigative reporter. Obviously, you took the time to obtain a copy of the information contained in the lawsuit. I was wondering if you did any public records searches, perhaps a title search, to confirm or refute the information contained therein. You should not expect LaChina to give you the facts of his case while he is pending litigation. Maybe you should investigate rather than rely on someone to spoon-feed you the information.

You still have not replied to my claim regarding if you took the time to research any public records information. Once again you are just reporting on what was said in the claim filed. How about thinking outside the box and doing some "investigating reporting." This should be right up your alley comsidering you fancy yourself as one.

86521, you seem to be adamant in defending Mr. Lachina, do you have any knowledge of this case?

Don has reported the facts of the lawsuit and Mr. Lachina and his attorney have not responded:

"One problem with researching the La China story was the difficulty getting anyone on La China's side to respond to queries. La China's lawyer initially refused to comment. I called 3 of La China's phone numbers and left messages without a response. Finally, after swapping two emails with La China, and telling him I had to have a comment by a certain time, I finally got a statement from the lawyer. I got no cooperation from Big Bear."

Guys -

Don't be so hard on La China! I am sure he is a good natured guy with a reasonable outlook on life. If he took investor money and used it to buy lavish homes and condos, it was the dumb investors' fault. They should have known that losing their money was part of the deal! It's not La china's fault these people were dumb and they lost all their money! La China is not responsible for people trusting him with stealing their hundreds of thousands of dollars and scamming them over and over. If they had asked more questions and got more details instead of trusting La China then they probably would have avoided La China and his investment scams all together. I vote we make a new drink - called the "La China La Leeva" - translates to ya giva La China your money, it leeva forever!

Let me start by saying that this article was titled incorrectly. The correct title should have been:

"Award Winner Milks San Diego."

I am glad to finally see that the truth is coming out and that everyone will soon find out who this guy really is.

This guy is a fraudulent thief and con artist to say the least. Do your research and you will find more interesting information regarding his scams. Go check records for pending lawsuits against him.

It's only a matter of time before someone goes to the district attorney's office and demands a criminal investigation.

regarding post#5

Talk about invetigative reporting? I am sure there will be plenty of investigative reporting done very soon..

Strap up Lachina, cause you are going on a loooong journey to meet Tyrone in the slammer!!! This will be the time for you to pay Tyrone(your new husband) the money you took from others. Payback is a bitch.

Post #9 You are hilarious..

Response to post #7: If you think there is information that I should have investigated, why don't you just come out and provide that information? As I said, I got very little cooperation from the defendant's side. It sounds like you are on that side. So say what I missed. Best, Don Bauder

Response to post #8: The defense was given an inordinate amount of time and more than enough opportunity to refute the charges. Best, Don Bauder

Response to post #9: You sound like John McCain talking about victims of the various mortgage frauds. Bail out Wall Street (which REALLY should have known better), but don't feel sorry for the small-time people who got screwed. Feeling sorry for them smacks of populism. Socialism for Wall Street is capitalism. Best, Don Bauder

Response to post #10: Sedonasunrise, who posted number 9, is clearly a great satirist. Truthwillbeheardsoon is someone who appears to know a lot more. Let's hear it from both of you! Best, Don Bauder

Lachina's wife, Kristen Gauss divorced him last year. I wonder how much of the ill gotten money she jumped ship with?

Also, I wonder if his partner from Kansas City, Ray Gibson, has any knowledge of the scheme.

Response to post #15: I was aware of La China's domestic problems but left them out. Also, I left out his Kansas partner. It was a matter of room. Best, Don Bauder

It's funny that there are two La China defenders posting here that have Sedona in common; sedonasunrise and 86351 (Sedona, AZ's ZIP code). Just an observation.

Response to post #18: You are most observant. However, I don't think sedonasunrise is really a La China supporter. I thought his post, which was delightful, was basically sarcasm, and deft sarcasm. Best, Don Bauder

Don, you are very intuitive. My previous post, #9, was being sarcastic, just for the record. I deplore individuals in this world who proclaim to have integrity, who proclaim to be business savvy, who put on a great show, who ask people for their hard earned money, who use their money on things unrelated to what they gave it to La China for, and who paint a picture of high returns and win/win for everyone and then disappear with people's money, never to be seen or heard from again. It is ashamed for the victims that he has gotten away with such crimes. He can't be trusted for anything. The truth always comes out...sometimes it takes time...that time is now.

Response to post #9: The larceny you describe is endemic to San Diego. If you live in Sedona, you might not be that familiar with Southern California scams. They are a way of life. But maybe you live in S. Cal. and use Sedona in your nom de plume. Then you know. Best, Don Bauder

Two of the people who made these claims should be investigated themselves. One of them was just arrested for trafficing $650,000 of marijuana and I heard the other is an ex fling who is upset over the fact that she couldn't milk Mr. LaChina for all of his money through marriage. Yes... researching your sources would be good Mr. Bauder.

I do not share information with someone as incompetent as you are in doing such minimal research. Where did you learn your "investigative repoting" skills? We are talking about public information it doesn't take a rocket scientist to go research and figure it out. Just remember there is always two sides to every story.

Response to post #21: Your use of the word "marijuana" is interesting. Stay alert for more information. Best, Don Bauder

Response to post # 22: Yes, there are two sides to every story. Sometimes one of the stories is complete horse feathers. Sometimes both sides turn out to be horse feathers. Best, Don Bauder

Still Mr. Bauder aka "fancy investigative reporter," you have yet to admit or dimiss the claim that you made simple inquiries into the public records of this case. If you had done so you probably would look like one amateur investigative reporter with nothing more than a claim filed by a very colorful group with many skeletons in their closets. Here's a head start for you, public records are available to anyone, you don't have to throw your press pass around to get into them.

Response to post #25: If a plaintiff in a case has skeletons in his/her closet, it may or may not be worth mentioning. There are a lot of variables. I have encountered many such situations in almost 45 years of financial and investigative reporting. Best, Don Bauder

I'm just wondering what difference does it make if the fraud victims have "skeletons in the closet?" That doesn't give someone the right to steal money, nor is it an excuse after the fact. If Lachina thinks otherwise, he's every bit the sociopath the article seems to imply.

Response to post #27: Good point. That's one of the variables to consider. We all have skeletons of some kind in our closets. Does that mean we cannot sue to recover money lost in what we believe was a Ponzi scheme? Best, Don Bauder

The truth will come out and I do not think La China is going to come out smelling like a rose more like the stuff that the roses are planted in.

Response to post #29: The plaintiffs' suit moves ahead. Some other things are going on, but I don't have enough that's definitive to post anything yet. Best, Don Bauder

You seem to have a knack for skirting around the question of how much "investagative reporting," you did in peparation of this story. One may think if all they had to do was report what was filed in a claim, well I guess your job wouldn't be so hard. Maybe I should apply for it. The truth is not to hard to find basically it is right in front of your nose with alittle effort on your part. On the reponse to the "skeletons," one may look at them for credibility of their statements.

Response to post #31: You're the one who is circumnavigating the question. You keep saying that there is something that I should have researched. Well, is it a suit in a court? What court? Against whom? Where can it be found? Online? In court? Was there someone I should have interviewed? Who? Be specific. Best, Don Bauder

I wonder if tax evasion would be another area to look into with this La China character. I heard that some investors never got tax docs for their investment - not ain't that a shame!

As a seasoned veteran at this you should be capable of figuring this out. I can't imagine in all your years of investigative reporting you never had do do any research. If you are incapable of this maybe it is time you thought about quiting your day job. This really is not rocket science.

Response to post #33: Interesting. I had not heard that. Best, Don Bauder

Response to post #34: Come on. Be more specific. Best, Don Bauder

I have been reading over these posts for the last week and I have to say they are interesting and varied. I have known Richard for more then a decade and I will tell you all; his life of deception, thievery and lying started way back before he even moved to California. In fact one of the main reasons he moved here was to stay one step ahead of the law who was hot on his heals for trafficing in stolen computer equipment. He has, ever since I met him, lived outside of his means. He is a big believer in the ever growing philosophy of rob Peter to pay Paul. It's a shame, he is an exremely intelligent person and could have done a lot of good with his knack for computers and networking, but unfortunately he chose the dark side. Ask anyone he has known for any amount of time and they will tell you, "It was just a matter of time".

freelachina, very informative and not very surprising. It seems many smart people choose that route to go for the quick buck and they just hope when they rob Peter to pay Paul that they never have to pay the piper!

Response to post #37: If you read the case against him, your description seems an apt one. Best, Don Bauder

Response to post #38: Unfortunately, a lot of people who go the route you describe do not get caught, and wind up very rich and powerful. Best, Don Bauder

Sounds great! I have met Lachina on a couple of occasions, nice guy. Must be nice flying all over the world in your multi-million dollar airplanes and helicopters. I heard he has had quite the life, money and property scattered all over mexico, central and south america. And a gold-digging, x-model girlfriend to top it off! What else is there in life?

Response to post #41: They always end up with a trophy girlfriend. Best, Don Bauder

Response to #42, Trust me, she is no trophy. The years have been hard.

Response to post #43: I trust you. Best, Don Bauder


Response to post #41: They always end up with a trophy girlfriend.

I want a "Trophy GF"......lol....starting with Spitzer's babe!

To Mr. Bauder--This is the first article I've read of yours, as I know Lachina, and was thus sent the article by others who know him. The man is a crook through and through. Anyone who says otherwise is a cohort of his. (And--no--I am not a victim of his or a friend or family member of one of his victims.) "freelachina" is absolutely correct; Lachina is very charming and likable. So's the devil, right?

Reading through the comments and your responses to them, I imagine I've gleaned a bit of your wit, and I like you.

As for "86351" I think he must have been busted by an investigative reporter (such as yourself). Seems to be a lot of pent-up, misdirected hostility there. Or maybe he's just plain retarded.

I'll be revisting your column...

Response to post #45: I think Spitzer's trophy will be beyond your ability pay, Johnny. She aspires to being a singer. After all the publicity she has received, she will be singing and dancing in the most expensive night clubs in America fairly soon. Best, Don Bauder

Response to post #46: Welcome aboard. I enjoy the comments of critics, no matter how acerbic. The media industry is a lot like the aerospace/defense industry: start a war and arm both sides. Best, Don Bauder

It is rumored that he is no longer a partner in Tranquilo or a house that he brought in Costa Rica. (I wonder what made them not want to be his partner any more) The people who though that they invested in this house were really surprise to learn that their money was used in a different investment that been sold. SURPRIZE!!!!!

How many people still think that they have a share of this house when La China doesn’t even own it anymore??? And then you have the Marina I heard that he sold shares in that too.

Why would you have to go to Spain to learn Spanish?? When you say you don’t have any money!! Sounds to me like he is moving to a different country to try and get a new “investors"

Response to post #71: These are all good questions. I hope some more answers will be coming. Best, Don Bauder

Response to post #49. I keep hearing he is going to Italy but can't confirm it. Sounds like he has moved along from the Costa Rica deal. He is an international traveler. Always has investors on his tail. Best, Don Bauder

Response to post #62: Rick should contact me. Phone: 619-546-8529. Email: [email protected] Best, Don Bauder

I keep hearing he is going to Italy but can't confirm it.

By dbauder 8:55 p.m., Apr 4, 2008

Italy would probably not be the best place to run a scam, it is home to the Mafioso, and the Mafioso are not going to take you to court-because they make their own "out of court settlements"....lol.

Response to post #51: I wouldn't be surprised if you are right. Best, Don Bauder

Response to post #52: Yes, many get fitted for cement boots. The lucky ones only get knee-monia. Best, Don Bauder

Response to post #53. Richard La China, are you reading these messages? Best, Don Bauder

Richard La China, are you reading these messages? Best, Don Bauder

By dbauder 1:45 p.m., Apr 5, 2008

If he is he might make accident in pants after #53.....lol.

Response to post #58: That's certainly possible. Best, Don Bauder

Mr. Bauder,

I will be contacting you soon for more information. Concrete facts that you can write another article on.

This guy needs to be on CNN! I will make sure he gets exposed.

This will be your chance to get a great story out nationwide!!!


Response to post #63: You have my phone number and email address above. Best, Don Bauder

The trouble with investments in Costa Rica is that they are outside of U.S jurisdiction. If people think U.S. investments in timeshares can be risky, imagine where regulation is minimal. These are prime opportunities for scam artists because it takes the investment dollars off-shore where there is little over-sight for investors. The sellers can over-subcribe the investment, levy unreasonable fees and association dues and other tactics to separate fools from their money. One of the biggest attractions to scam promoters is the fact these ventures are outside of the reach of U.S authorities.

The fact remains, regardless of the economy, investments in U.S. real estate are far safer than in other countries. Nothing against young entrepreneurs making money, but how do these folks become experts in international property transactions all of the sudden?

Individual property transactions cab be complicated, entering into franctional ownership can really be risky. There are so many ways to hide the total ownership while all the sales activity is going on.

What amazes meis how a development in Costa Rica can be a story in San Diego. It's a smoke signal of a scam when people have press releases that tout the success of the promoters more than the success of the investment itself. Of all the scams I have seen, these guys toot their own horn somewhere along the line.

well, it is a story in San Diego because the con artists are from San Diego! The way the law works in Costa Rica is 'pretty' interesting... very different from the States. Those guys think they're very intelligent, they buy out those who they think can be dangerous... they should pay more attention to whom they try to screw!! Richard doesn't care to take his best friends money... he's a criminal who just pretends to be rich... who drives nice cars... by the way is the BMW he's hiding at the Montgomery field hangar has been repossessed yet? Maybe he moved it to the El Cajon hangar?? Is his partner and friend Laithe is in Jail now? they bought together the big plane THe Meridian... did he carry the pot in that plane? Well, they can reimburse people if they sell that plane... and the Bonanza? they'll both be in Jail... WHo needs a plane when you relax in Jail????

Response to post #70: Costa Rica is the most developed of the Central American countries. It is a tax haven, although it has information-sharing agreements with the US IRS that some other havens do not have. Best, Don Bauder

The trouble with investments in Costa Rica is that they are outside of U.S jurisdiction.

Well, if the scammers were recruiting/doing business from the US that would be all the jurisdiction you need.

Also remember, in certain areas the US deems itself to have jurisdiction anywhere in the world. See The Office of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs.

I don't know enough about this to know what is going on in this case, but don't be surprised if the federal government gets involved by the fact that there are wire transfers and other methods (used for defrauding) which cross state and country lines.

Oh yes, that's for sure... frauds all the way, and yes wires were made, in Costa Rica for sure and Delaware also... and of course the federal government will be involved, it's fraud, big time fraud... no wonder why Lachina had to move from San Diego, but he should have gone to Africa... surprising that his ride lasted that long before someone decides to file a law suit! Surprising that nothing was written before on that con artist Lachina??

surprising that Lachina isn't defending himself right now?? where are you 86351? packing for your next trip? Trying to find $$ and new investors to pay for your trip as usual??

Response to post #74: Your last statement may be closer to verisimilitude than you realize. Best, Don Bauder

Response to post #75: Lots of people would like to know where La China is right now. Best, Don Bauder

Response to post #86: If you got to his lawyer, you did better than I did. He refused to comment initially; later, after much prodding, he wrote a boilerplate system for La China. Best, Don Bauder

Response to post #88:I don't know whether the family should be considered victims or accomplices. Most seem to think it's the former. Best, Don Bauder

Response to post #89: I know a lot of women who should have dumped their husbands long before they did. One reason the wives held on was that the husband showered them with so much money. Pretty sad. Best, Don Bauder

Response to post #92: Don't waste your time on the current DA. All she cares about is politics. Best, Don Bauder

Response to post #93: Yes, there are always conflicts between victims suing for redress in a civil case and criminal authorities trying to put the malefactor away. Best, Don Bauder

Someone help a guy out here, post a link to the Playboy pics.....!!

I heard that Kristen made Richard go to court last week to give up his passport and pilot license if he wanted to see the kids any more.

Response to post #78: If what you say is true, this might be one of the more high-flying Ponzi schemes in San Diego history. Best, Don Bauder

Response to post #79: Now that is really interesting, if true. La China's flying activities may loom big in this adventure. Best, Don Bauder

Response to post #80: If the previous post (#79) is correct, maybe there won't be any more flights to Costa Rica. Well, others report that he is no longer in that real estate project down there anyway. Best, Don Bauder

If you want to see Lachina he should be appearing in San Diego Family Court, Department F-1, on May 19, 2008 at 9:00 AM, Judge Lisa Foster presiding.

Wow, it's getting better and better! Don, from what I know, so far everything I read from others is true and accurate. And of course what I write is also the truth! by the way Richard's lawyer said that Richard is starting a new company in Costa Rica. A computer company???? He's going back to his roots... the first scams!!

Paybacktime, do you talk with Lachina's lawyer?

Kristen and the kids are victims. Do you really think that she know how he makes money??? She did not!! He brought property in her name (and said that they were gifts) and other people’s name then paid the mortgages until his money ran out or he sold them. It is funny how the other person never makes any money but takes all the changes because the houses were in their names. This is how Richards works!!!!!

To paybacktime : You have every right to be mad you invested a lot of money and are having a really hard time getting it back but you need to use all your energy and go after Richard not his family.

Response to Ponzi : I got one email from his lawyer.

Response to #88 : well, when you marry someone you are suppose to have an idea how he makes money?? she had no clue?? he said that people gave him HOUSES as a GIFTS, and she believe that??? wow. where is she from? she doesn't have a family, a daddy who can tell her how life works?? I saw many documents where they both moved houses under each others names. so don't tell me she's that ignorant?? she signs those! we're using money and energy now to get back what Richard 'borrowed' and yes Richard is messing up with the wrong people! It seems you are very close to Kristen and I'm sure she's not a bad person, but when you marry the devil you may have a good ride for a while but you should expect to have some vacations in Hell!! You marry for good and for worst, well she picked the wrong number, I do feel a bit sorry for her and the kids, but now, she'll be responsible for the debts too. She should have divorced years ago. I'm not the one who makes the law, don't get me wrong, but that's how it works. I'm not going after her at all, but many people will, just look at the big law suit????????

Paybacktime-time to cough up your conection to this scammer and how much he is into you for.

What is your connection? what is the point to tell you how much he owes us?

We should gather together at the DA's office in an effort to get the FEDS to accelerate this investigation. PROTEST, PROTEST, PROTEST!

I call upon those who are posting on this web site to come together and help expose this guy. Not sure if these posts are going to help, but it's a start!

A bunch of people making noise at the DA's office would surely create curiosity there to look into this.

Alerting the local media to come to the DA's office or the courthouse during his family hearing would be a great start as well.

This would be an opportunity for everyone to come out a tell the truth on TV. I myself have plenty of documents to prove his ilegal activities... Would be nice to get it on CAM.

Bottom line: Would be nice to get LaChina exposed on the NEWS.

In the past, he has paid multiple PR companies to broadcast his name and real estate successes in magazines, newspapers, Internet. Now he should get FREE publicity in regards to his scams.

There are PLENTY of journalists itching for a good story!


People want to try to get their money first via civil suits before they go the the DA... everything is a question of time. Richard will end up in jail even if he hides under a rock...

I like the idea of meeting him in court though!!

This is as good a start as any. I watched Don Bauder expose and get the word out on many fraud schemes over the years. The problem here is that we need to learn more specifics or get a statement from Lachina or his legal counsel. The courts are filled with civil fraud lawsuits. This story isn't developed enough for mass media interest.

Response to post #85: That should be an interesting session in family court. Best, Don Bauder

Response to post #87: My question, too. Best, Don Bauder

Response to #90 and #91: Maybe you can both 'fess up. Best, Don Bauder

What is your connection? what is the point to tell you how much he owes us?

You sound a little mad with him. I have no connection, but I think it isa pretty interesting story, even more so because I think La China is posting in the thread.

Response to post #94: We certainly need more specifics. Best, Don Bauder

Response to post #102: I agree this is an interesting case. It is getting more interesting with every post. Best, Don Bauder

... I suppose when you make your money illegaly (prostitute and drug traffic) you associate yourself with other scammers, and invest in them. I mean, Richard invested in the prostitute, the prostitute invested in him. It's give and take. Are any of us any better than Richard. We should all go to jail. Shame on us.

Response to post #106: "Hence her poor grammer (sic)"?? I have seen some bad grammar from people who weren't French prostitutes -- right on this post. Best, Don Bauder

Response to post #107: Are you sure Richard invested in the prostitute? Or a prostitute invested in him? Best, Don Bauder

Well, her Playboy photos were very classy and tasteful, she didn't sell her body neither attacked anyone... and FYI, she did it, because she can!

Response to post #106: "Hence her poor grammer (sic)"?? I have seen some bad grammar from people who weren't French prostitutes -- right on this post. Best, Don Bauder

OK, I pled guilty....to the poor grammer charge, not the French prostitute charge.......lol!

Well, her Playboy photos were very classy and tasteful, she didn't sell her body neither attacked anyone... and FYI, she did it, because she can!

This post is COMPLETELY useless without a link to the pics.

To JV and unknown: Don did not remove the URL; I don't think Don even knows how. I did so on instruction to remove such things as URLs to porno sites. If this was in fact her site, I confess I didn't make the connection. I suspect anyone with Google and a computer can find them pretty easily though.

Richard has alot of different LLC has any one look that up yet?? Why does a guy need so many LLC?

Perhaps because of many partnership ventures. Maybe he transfers the assets from ne to the next to keep the paper trail confusing. Where do you find his LLC's records published?

Where do you find his LLC's records published?

By Ponzi 11:25 a.m., Apr 8, 2008


JohnnyVegas, thank you. I was aware of that business portal, but you need to know the business or partnership name. How do you find the LLC's by last name? Other than the ones listed in the fraud lawsuit in superior court.

Of course Lachina is the one who answer you guys... First Don, all your information is 200% accurate, Lachina is a con artist, he's been stealing people for more than 10 years! If you do more research, you'll just find more dirt and more ... ! Lachina never been to Spain to learn Spanish?&^^%$ more BS coming from him, he carefully told that story because the coward is hiding. But payback time is coming, the free ride is over and he will have to give back some money and soon! ANd every one who is lying for him right now will have to pay too! Those who protect him right now still have deals with him, and they start to feel the storm coming!! it's a criminal case and the prick will be in jail soon. The children will grow up visiting daddy behind bars!! And no matter where you hide Richard, we'll find you, and justice will take good care of you! You had so many occasion to pay my girl back, and you didn't, that's gonna get ugly. i'd write a big check now if I were you... And Your ex-wife will have to give back what you gave her too... you should find a day job asap stupid bastard.

Well, lucky for you dominique, Don took your website url off my posting. But interestingly enough... what kind of Canadian gov't employee poses naked, sells her body and attacks others. Look at yourself.

Don, I left a message to Dominique and gave her your number. She may have good information for you. At least she knows the players! Good luck

johny vegas... google ann dominic, that is her alias.

johny vegas... google ann dominic, that is her alias.

I'm on it!!

johny vegas... google ann dominic, that is her alias.

Ayiii Currummmba!........ Very beautiful!!!!!!!!

Don, I left a message to Dominique and gave her your number.

Please, call her back and give her MY number!!

Dear unknown, I thought your english was perfect? you write Johny with 1 n????

Instead of lying about Dominique who is a respectable classy woman, you should know, she's also a Realtor, she speaks 4 languages and she has her degree in Communication. So sorry to disappoint you but NO she doesn't have to sell her body. Get a life! Playboy is proud to have the most beautiful women, and Ann Dominic was one of them, twice, don't be jealous, she was known in Quebec and they wanted her.
We shouldn't even be talking about her right now, that is ridiculous!! We're all coming here to talk about your boyfriend Lachina, so if you don't have anything more interesting to talk about, and if the only thing you can come up with is a bunch of lies, go back to you old job, you ARE the prostitute! Why are you so mad at that girl anyway??
let's go back to Lachina, that's the purpose of this article!!!

Yes, let's stick to Lachina. Where is that slippery devil? Is he running the business, or is he just running?

"Therefore I take pleasure in being without strength, being insulted, experiencing emergencies, and being chased and forced into a corner for Christ's sake; for when I am without strength , I am dynamite." Corinthians

"Therefore I take pleasure in being without strength, being insulted, experiencing emergencies, and being chased and forced into a corner for Christ's sake; for when I am without strength , I am dynamite."

By 86351 a.k.a. Richard La China......

Hi Richard!

ps........I'm in love, L-U-S-T, with your ex!

Pay back time you state that Playboy " was proud to have the most beautiful people pose for them," and you stated that Dominic has done it twice. Well in People magazine when they release the 50 most beautiful people issue how many of them have posed for Playboy? Probably very very few if any and that is because those people are considered beautiful without having to take their clothes off. So please define for me what you consider in your own words as being "very classy and a tasteful person." By the way I saw her pictures and I don't think I can ever look at a garden hose the same way again.

Interesting, from January 2006-

LaChina's enthusiasm is contagious, and his entrepreneurial spirit cannot be contained. There is a twinkle in his eye that says he's planning something, and while the details aren't being released yet, look for the touch of Last Resort LLC in other areas of the Valley and beyond.


(I wonder if old Richie still has that "Twinkle" in his eye!)

Number: 200424610078 Date Filed: 8/30/2004 Status: active Jurisdiction: CALIFORNIA

1620 FIFTH AVE STE 770
Agent for Service of Process *RICHARD LA CHINA
8765 AERO DR STE 314


Johnny Vegas-I hope your name doesn't allude to having affiliates with Las Vegas because as a betting man you would have lost on your last post.

Response to post #110: Dominique may be everything you say, and not a prostitute at all. Best, Don Bauder

Response to post #111: A government employee should have the right to pose nude for Playboy. Best, Don Bauder

Response to post #112: Congratulations to a female who can pose for Playboy. I don't think I have what it takes to pose for Playgirl. Best, Don Bauder

Response to post #113: Johnny, nobody ever said you were a French prostitute. Best, Don Bauder

I don't think I have what it takes to pose for Playgirl.

Haha........ Now that was funny!

Response to post #114 and #115: Now I won't be able to see that site. Damn. Best, Don Bauder

Response to post #116: Yes, the money is most important. Where is it? That's always the question. Best, Don Bauder

Response to post #117: I suspect the answer is this axiom: the essence of white collar fraud is contrived complexity. Best, Don Bauder

Responses to posts #118 and 119: These may provide more clues. Best, Don Bauder

Response to post #120: Won't someone help Johnny? Best, Don Bauder

Response to post #121 and #122: We always need more information. Best, Don Bauder

Response to posts #123 through #126: I have talked with Dominique. Her voice is enticing. I can't wait to google ann dominic. Best, Don Bauder

Response to post #127: I agree that La China is the most important subject. But Dominique is so much more fetching. Incidentally, I am not going to give her phone number out to anybody -- even to Johnny. Best, Don Bauder

Response to post #128: La China is running some business. But what? Best, Don Bauder

Response to post #129: To the best of my memory, that is the first biblical verse to show up on this blog. Best, Don Bauder

Response to post #130: Isn't lust one of the deadly sins? Best, Don Bauder

Response to post #131: I haven't read Playboy for decades, but I suspect its cerebral content is miles ahead of People, which is a smarmy rag. Best, Don Bauder

Response to post #132 and #133: I understand that fluff piece on La China was written by some flack. Would you bet on that, Johnny? Best, Don Bauder

can anyone guess where Lachina spent this past christmas and newyears? christmas was in Tahoe and new years in Costa Rica with the one an only Alice Dodd! are you kidding me! This guy is amazing. Someone pleazzzeee google this girl!

Lachina fan club is accepting applications... johnnyvegas, membership includes phone numbers and pictures of all lachina's ex's. act now and we will include a treasure map to where lachina hid all the money!

Alice Dodd, I'd love to "Google" her!


Richard better be careful, his next "girlfriend" might be named Bubba.

Is there a soruce of more information about AXXIS? A website or more atricles. Just curious about what the company develped or what services it offered to attact so many investors.

Response to post #157: Alice Dodd is a new name to crop up. I don't know anything about her. Best, Don Bauder

Response to post #157 (the prior post was actually a response to #156.) I have heard from two of his exes. They are mad. Best, Don Bauder

Response to post $158: According to the lawsuit, AXXIS was a computer networking and support services business that La China started in his own home. It was hyped as an infotech business that would hit $100 million in volume by 2006. Best, Don Bauder

www.knowx.com/officer/search.jsp - This search engine broght up richard 7 times

You ask you can receive here is a list of some of Richard's LLC















Number: 200424310019 Date Filed: 8/26/2004 Status: active Jurisdiction: CALIFORNIA
8765 AERO DR STE 314
TEN, CA 92123
Agent for Service of Process RICHARD LA CHINA
8765 AERO DR STE 314
TEN, CA 92123

Another LLC in BB. Who is Nita Mott and what does she have to do with Archstone,Big Bear Investment Group and Tranquilo Franctional?

Number: 200605310231 Date Filed: 2/17/2006 Status: active Jurisdiction: CALIFORNIA
8690 AERO DR STE 115-70
Agent for Service of Process RICHARD LA CHINA
8690 AERO DR STE 115-70

Response to #158 Axxis Computers was built up out of the Teldata offices on Aero Dr. in 1998. Richard developed several electronic devices for network servers and such that never ended up hitting the market, but he did manage to collect investment money from some unsuspecting people like his girlfriends father at the time(50k) still hasn't paid it back. He built, sold, and supported computer networks along the way; didn't have a real customer base to speak of, only he really know where all of the money came from, but I do know that when he needed some quick money, he would order a lot of expensive computer equipment, jimmy the back door of his suite and then report all of the equipment stolen to the police and collect from the insurance company. Now keep in mind we are talking about some expensive HP servers and other high end equipment. I also heard he ran up a large bill with BlackBox to the tune of about $250,000 and never paid. You are dealing with a mind that is always working, unfortunately it works for bad not good. Pray for him, he will need it.

Responses to post #162 through 165: Some of the LLCs are familiar, but not the names. Best, Don Bauder

Response to #166: Wouldn't the police have gotten wise to such a racket after the first couple of times? Best, Don Bauder

More importantly, how many ex girlfriends does lachina have?

La China's world is getting very very small, and pretty soon there will be nowhere to run and hide.

The word is out-the guy La Chiba is a scammer. All you have to do is run the guys name thru Google and then BOOM! Busted.

This thread alone will torpedo any future scam he tries to run on anyone that has half a brain, and most people with money have half a brain today.

Response to post #169: It certainly sounds like he has had an active love life. The ladies may have believed he had money -- his own. Best, Don Bauder

Response to post #170: It is true that word moves very fast these days. It's hard to conceal information. Best, Don Bauder

That's for sure. If the internet was around in the 80's the J. David scam might not have had legs. The thing that brings down Ponzi schemes is people learning about each other and that they are not exclusive investors. They find out the stories don't add up and that their numbers are far greater than they were told.

I remember the Karl Brownstein Electronics Emporium scam in the late 70's. He was milking blind people, churches and even the police. He threw a big Luau themed party and invited all his investors. they got to talking and more people learned that he had not a dozen but hundreds of investors. That started a run on his payouts and ended the incoming investments. Next, the FBI raided his offices and that was the end.

The internet has leveled the playing field with the con artist because he can't hide behind so much secrecy anymore.

Response to post #173: Good question whether the internet would have thwarted J. David. I'll have to give that some thought. Remember, Nancy Hoover was a powerhouse in Del Mar and in charitable circles throughout the county. George Mitrovich was considered respectable at the time. Dominelli didn't have a criminal record, although he didn't have a track record, either, and didn't pass the sniff test. Best, Don Bauder

For a pretty good laugh, visit Amazon.com, and look up the Editorial Reviews for this book:

Emotional Intelligence Quickbook (Hardcover) by Travis, Ph.D. Bradberry (Author), Jean, Ph.D. Greaves (Author)

And for even more giggles, check out the same book at bn.com, and click on "Customer Reviews".

I truly wish that LaChina had enough "emotional intelligence" to understand right from wrong. Enough said.

Response to post #175: I am not only getting many informative posts on the subject of Mr. La China. I'm also getting a raft of phone calls, anonymous and otherwise, on the same topic. The consensus agrees with the lawsuit: he is a serial Ponzi schemer, among other things. Best, Don Bauder

Response to Post #179

BTW: Richard LaChina is no longer the CEO of ITECH (sante fe internet llc). His partners fired him last year. I believe his partners filed civil lawsuit against him for breach of feduciary duties and misappropriation of company funds..


Response to post #179: La China certainly maximized his potential; his victims all attest to that. Best, Don Bauder

Response to post #176: Interesting book, that. The subject of the book is Charles Ponzi. The author is Charles Ponzi. After spending several years in prison, he died in 1949, still vowing to pay back his victims. Best, Don Bauder

For a pretty good laugh, visit Amazon.com, and look up the Editorial Reviews for this book:

Emotional Intelligence Quickbook (Hardcover) by Travis, Ph.D. Bradberry (Author), Jean, Ph.D. Greaves (Author)

And for even more giggles, check out the same book at bn.com, and click on "Customer Reviews".


Oh brother........

Richard La China, CEO of ITech, 03/14/2005

Emotional intelligence is such a crucial concept to understand--yet so many people are unaware of it. The authors do a magnificent job of explaining the incredible power of emotional intelligence and how to apply it to achieve your ultimate goals. This book helped me to maximize my potential.


Response to post #180: Yes, I am aware of that. The story is that his partners fired him for irregularities they discovered. Then La China sued for back pay. The suit you allude to is a countersuit to La China's filing, as I understand it. Best, Don Bauder

OK, it's been a week. Where are all the characters that promised the Lachina dirt?

Response to post #183: I keep hearing from them privately, but they haven't posted on this site yet. Best, Don Bauder

Seriously? You need to leave Kristen and the kids out of this. Discrediting her, and her family really is out of line. There is no need for that. She is an innocent bystander who wants the best for her kids. Don't you think she realizes what she unknowingly and unwillingly got herself tangled up in? Cut her some slack. If you had any sense you would realize that attacking her, is just an example of your own stupidity. You are claiming things you know nothing about. I completely understand having a bone to pick with Richard. Who doesn't. I have never been a fan of the man. But I think you need to take the Plank out of your own eye, before removing the speck in others.

Response to post #185: In some posts, we at the Reader have eliminated references by name to the children. Best, Don Bauder

Thank you for doing that...but you also need to leave the extended family out too "Paybacktime". I can understand being upset, but attacking everyone, is just an example of your immaturity. Kristen is a victim in this just like all of you. Oh and if your going to quote the bible people, at least get it right! Open the book for yourself and take an accurate quote out. WHo knows, you might even learn something that you can apply to your own life, rather then being involved so deeply in other's lives, especially when they don't pertain to you.

Response to post #187: In my own case, I don't think I have ever quoted the bible in a story about a Ponzi scheme. Best, Don Bauder

Wow, 9 more posts and we hit the big 200.......seems this has been a hot topic!

Response to post #191: It hasn't been hot for awhile. Best, Don Bauder

Response to posts 193 and 194: There hadn't been much until #194 came in. Sounds like there are some rough people involved in this one. It has sounded like that all along. Best, Don Bauder

He has stolen from a few people you dont want to steal from.... What a loser.

Hey Don,

Sorry If my post was too much for the site. I was just repeating some of the info I had heard through the grape vine from some people who know the people involved in this thing. All I can say is I am glad I am not Mr. Lachina. Looks like there are a lot of people looking for this guy for numerous reasons.

Let's make this more interesting... shall we? Richard apparently steals, there is a drug trafficer, XXXX is an allegal alien.

he's in San Diego, probably hiding at his girlfriend's! The illegal Canadian who had been enjoying the fruits of the scams!! The investors paid for her flying lessons too!

Good move on Kristen. For the record, Kristen and the kids are victims of this guy's scams.

She has not received any money from this ASS. That's right, while his family starves, this guy plays millionaire flying his "pilot girl" to Costa Rica and Mexico..

"Ohhh please don't leave me, I will find some more money to steal for you so you can continue your shopping spree. You can have all of my maxed out credit cards, but pleeeaase don't leave me."


Well, please don't pity Kristen!! she had a great life with Lachina... she enjoyed the nice houses they bought with the investors money right from the beginning... with the ocean view! she was so certain, she'll get more and more (she probably got some of the Big Bear and Wildwood's money) that she extended the divorce process! Richard claims to make only 34 000 a year!! of course we all know it's BS, how can you even fly 2 planes with that little money?? Maybe it's time for Lachina to wire back the money right here... XXXX should have get the big implants while Lachina had cash flow... that would have been a great idea for her... to pick new California clients!! I wonder how much she charged Lachina??

Well, 'unknown' you must be the girlfriend or the ex-wife! You don't know Dominique to say that. Dominique was working for the Canadian government as a Computer Analyst for many years before she became a personality on radio and on TV as a host and actress and a published writer, a very intelligent and pretty girl, who did pose for Playboy twice. A very honest person who would NOT steal from anyone. And yes we're french-Canadian and our english may not be perfect but at least we speak 2 languages! I've been giving info and you attack one of the victim. Very clever!!

This would be a great piece for 60 minutes or Dateline given the characters that are involved!

Surprise!! Surprise!!! Richard has managed to get you all fighting. Did everyone forget that he is the bad guy??? Who care if XXXX got flying lessons, Kristen knew or did not know how Richard make his money , if Laythe is a Drug trafficker or what Dominique does for a living, That money is gone!!! The Point is Richard is a VERY BAD MAN and we need to do something about this. So if you have information about him and you do not want to come forward call or email Don and let’s do something. You need to stop fight among yourselves. This will not solve anything.

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