Not Just a Frivolous Kind of Thing

Artist: Writer

Song: “I Think She Died” (from the Don’t Wake the Sun EP)

Heard By: Mike Kong, Golden Hill

I think it was kind of a love song, a memoir. She was singing to somebody that she loved before who wasn’t there anymore, and this was something that happened in the past. It sounded like it was a special love, not just a frivolous kind of thing; it’s really from the heart. Right off the bat, I was, like, “this is kind of like Blonde Redhead.” Primarily, it’s a female vocalist, but there’s a guy singing in the background, too. Piano was the foundation, and then it was vocals, guitar strumming in the background, and a delayed electric guitar kind of swimming along in there, too. If they play out a lot, I think they could touch a lot of people.

Artist: Aaron Bowen

Song: “When the Fall of Rome” (from the CD The Supreme Macaroni Co. Ltd.)

Heard By: Eddie Miramontes, Golden Hill

I wouldn’t want to listen to the whole album. I kind of got restless towards the end. It’s like a throwback to folk music. It has a banjo in there, acoustic guitar, and a little percussion. There were also brass instruments, like a trumpet. I thought that was cool. The singer is Jeff Buckley-ish — really soft, pretty singing, except Jeff Buckley had a really big range; this singing got kind of boring to me. It’s not like real, true folk music where troubadours sing old folk ballads. It’s, like, boring, commercial music — there’s nothing innovative about it. The environment [for that song] would be Lestat’s. They play that kind of music.

Artist: Last 2 Know

Song: “Your Best Friend is a Beer” (from the CD Broken Dreams)

Heard By: Jacob Savary, downtown

I liked it. It was kind of like the Adolescents and Black Flag. The lyrics were about drinking beer at a bar and passing out; it was talking about drinking in a negative light. They used all the regular instruments a normal punk band would. They’re probably, like, a four-piece punk band. I liked the guitar solos they had in it. He was a good guitar player. They’d be a good band for the Warped Tour or something, but probably not for radio airplay. That would be a good song for skateboarding. It would be a good song to see live, too. I normally listen to punk.

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In regards to Aaron Bowen's music, I would recommend his old CD A Night At Sea. There was something more pure and truthful about it, and it really captured his guitar playing (which is what he is known for) in it's best form. Also, I play at Lestat's, it's a great venue =D

-Jordan Reimer www.myspace.com/jordanreimermusic

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