Odd Thomas

What book are you reading?

“I just finished Odd Thomas by Dean Koontz.”

Tell me about it.

“It’s about this guy who has kind of a supernatural gift. He can see spirits, and he’s trying to rescue people from his hometown. He actually even sees Elvis Presley in the book — it’s kind of weird. It’s really interesting, what he does to save the people he holds dear. Interesting twist in the end because he talks about his girlfriend that he’s so much in love with. And through the whole book I thought that she was alive; it turns out she was a spirit.”

How does it compare with other books you’ve read?

“I like all books that deal with suspense or the supernatural. [Koontz] is mainly who I almost always read. I’ve read a couple of Danielle Steel books but they’re all too girly for me. So I pretty much just stay with him. This is different because his others will have creatures that are unexplainable — aliens and stuff — going off and killing people. But there’s always a hero in all of his books. This book actually has a part two and three; I’m hoping to read the second one. But he has a lot of books that have to do with the supernatural and creatures and the ghost town.”

Do you have any favorite characters?

“Just Odd Thomas. He didn’t want any praise for what he does. He likes to keep it on the low and not let everybody know what he’s about. And then he’s the hero, saving people!”

What books have been influential or inspirational in your life?

“I read Sylvia Browne. I’m skeptical, but I like the message she puts out there: that there’s life after death and family on the other side and friends; that we’re all basically connected and they help you along with everyday trials and stuff you need to go through. I was raised Christian, so for me to read this is kind of, whoa, but I’m pretty open to see what she has to say. She talks about spirit guides and your kindred and soul mates, stuff like that. One of her first books [is God, Creation, and Tools for Life]. It covers everything.”

Do you have a favorite author?

“Dean Koontz. Because he keeps me interested — I wish I could read it all at once.”

What magazines or newspapers do you read?

“None. I try to stay away from the paper — it’s depressing.”

Do you talk to your friends about reading?

“No, they’re not much of readers. They’re too busy; they’re either working two jobs or they’ve got kids. They don’t really read much.”

Name: Elizabeth Piers | Age: 29 | Occupation: Bookseller
Neighborhood: Santee | Where interviewed: Trolley Square Barnes and Noble

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