That Smell

Mower is looking for both a guitarist and drummer. Front man Brian Sheerin admits the band has seen its share of drummers.

“One dropped out after the last tour,” he recently told metalunderground.com. “Then we got a guy that was gonna tour with us for the next recording, but it didn’t pan out in the end.”

The band had to cancel five dates of a recent tour with Diecast. At one of the final shows, Sheerin recalls, “We see this guy out front, he was lighting his beard on fire throughout the whole set. It was a place where there was ventilation, but all you could smell was this guy’s beard and, after about three songs of it, we just got on the mike and told this guy we’ve had about enough of it. And I don’t really know what the point of it was. I mean, dude, you burned your own face.”

Other recent tour tales: “The dog throwing up on the guitar player, [and] we had a wheel fly off heading into Vegas at about 60 miles an hour. It was on our trailer, so here we are driving down the road with only three wheels. It was gnarly.”

Contact [email protected] to find out which six Mower songs players must audition with. The band is currently recording its third full-length album, planned for release later this year. They appear at ’Canes April 5.

– Jay Allen Sanford

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