Rock That Bears Its Soul

Nautical Disaster plays bluesy pop with a dose of ’80s new wave to keep things clubworthy. The three-piece rose from the ashes of the Daffodils, who split in July 2006.

“Everything was going great,” says singer-bassist Jaye Furlonger, who has a master’s degree in history and works as an architectural historian. “We were playing the Casbah every other month, we’d just recorded a great demo, and we had a live radio broadcast lined up on 94.9 in a month’s time. Then our singer-guitarist decided that he just wasn’t having any fun anymore.” Along with fellow Daffodil Beezeley and occasional cohort Grimis Apparatus (who trade off on drums, guitar, and vocals), Furlonger formed Nautical Disaster.

“We hope to inspire a return to that brand of rock that bares its soul, gets drunk, and passes out on your couch,” says Furlonger. “Only to make you delicious coffee in the morning.”

The group’s pirate-themed debut album, Sevens, features tales torn from Cap’n Rehab’s Diary of Debauchery: Songs concern psychotic love, botched potential, late-night misdeeds, serial-killer stalkers, Napoleonic undead, time travel, drinking debts, and — says Furlonger — “a long, sad, drunken train ride that you hope to God never ends.”


Jaye Furlonger:

1. The MC5, Kick Out the Jams: “A hard-rocking, high-energy band with infectious grooves playing classic Detroit rock.”

2. Art Brut, Bang Bang Rock & Roll: “Awesome British band with punk influences, witty lyrics, and an absolutely gorgeous lead singer.”

3. Beehive and the Barracudas: “My favorite local band — plays dark punk and soul, with excellent musicianship and a raw, stripped-down sound.”


1. Dan Sartain, Dan Sartain vs. The Serpientes: “A bad-ass musician on a bad-ass label, Swami Records.”

2. Spoon, Gimme Fiction: “Britt Daniel and company are pretty damn near perfect.”

Grimis Apparatus:

“Right now there’s a Vice Records mix CD mixed by Flosstradomas: It has the Black Lips, the Panthers, a couple of Charlotte Gainsbourg tracks from her new CD, and of course Interpol.”


Furlonger: “ DiG!, a documentary about the dual careers of the Brian Jonestown Massacre and the Dandy Warhols. It’s fascinating and can be watched and enjoyed over and over again.”

Beezeley: “If I could only choose one, it’d have to be Buffy The Vampire Slayer - Collector's Edition, a complete manual on how to function in this modern world.”

Apparatus: “Well, if I’m alone on this island, I really wouldn’t care about the movies. Unless I can cherry-pick from a boxed set, like Star Wars, episodes two through six.”


Furlonger: “None. Bands break up for a reason. Any bands I might ever have wanted to see reunited I already have, like X and Blondie, who both still put on amazing shows.”

Beezeley: “Red Red Meat. But I’ll still play Tim Rutili’s solo project Califone any day of the week.”

Apparatus: “The Misfits. Glenn Danzig, get your head out of your ass and make it happen.”


Furlonger: “They seem like nice men, but Leno is totally unfunny, and I have better things to do than watch either of them. They’re a little boring, and I don’t really care about the guests they have on their shows. Except maybe, very occasionally, some of the bands.”

Beezeley: “Neither. Way past my bedtime.”

Apparatus: “Kimmel has better live music acts than either of them.”


Beezeley: “‘I Shot the Sheriff’ by Bob Marley, as covered by Eric Clapton. No one really believes ol’ Slowhand could shoot anyone, do they?”

Apparatus: “At the Drive-In did ‘This Night Has Opened My Eyes’ by the Smiths. I love ATDI, but that song.…”


Beezeley: “Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends has awesome songs, a cool design, and neato monsters.”

Apparatus: “I’m a Tom and Jerry guy, mixed with a little He-Man, Voltron, Thundercats, and a dash of Aqua Teen Hunger Force.


Furlonger: “Beezeley’s old drum kit used to fall apart during shows when we were in the Daffodils.”

Apparatus: “I DJ’d a private party for a bunch of cops. They were all hammered and talking about all the DUIs they got out of by being a cop.”

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Nautical Disaster has a killer cd and they are great live--both fun and serious about musicianship. They rule!

Nautical Disaster makes me all goopy. It's the kind of goop that can only be found under dim, rickety piers where the monsters of the briny deep lurk. Once you've been immersed, there's just no washing them off.

The cd is pretty sick and these guys are surely more than just a bunch of hooligans. Bravo

i randomly saw this band earlier this month when they were opening for the band i went to see that night. excellent to see the spotlight on them here in the reader because they absolutely rocked. in fact, they stole the show from the headliner. this band is the real deal! i look forward to hearing more from them!

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