Gearing Up for the Big Day

At the Hillcrest Town Council, on June 10th, camera crews from three local news stations filled the meeting room at the Joyce Beers Community Center. The crews focused their lenses on the guest speaker, Chief Deputy Recorder/County Clerk Diane Bradrick, as she explained the new policy of issuing same-sex marriage licenses.

Beginning on June 17th, at each of the San Diego County's four County Clerk offices, marriage licenses will be issued to all applicants over the age of 18 with a $50 dollar license fee and valid government identification, regardless of gender.

"So far there have been over 500 appointments made at our offices countywide," explained Bradrick, triggering a loud applause from the audience. "Around 120 (appointments) have been made for our downtown office alone on the 17th, and that doesn't count the number of walk-in's. To put that in perspective, there were 150 appointments made in the entire county on Valentines Day. "

The Clerk's offices are extending their hours for the week of June 17th for all locations in anticipation of large crowds.

Despite excitement from many in the audience, a few audience members were tentative about showing too much emotion.

"What about the opt-out policy of employees at the Clerk's office who are not willing to grant same-sex marriage licenses?" Asked one audience member.

"All I'm going to say about that is all staff in the office will be performing their tasks and I don't want to say anything further," Bradrick responded.

"What will happen to these marriages if the Court's decision gets overturned in November?" Asked another member of the audience, in reference to a likely constitutional amendment on this November's ballot aiming to once again ban same-sex marriage.

"We just can't speak to that because we just don't know," replied Bradrick.

For more information on the Hillcrest Town Council, visit their website at

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CONGRATULATIONS to all my gay friends who choose to marry, and hooray for equality!

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