Stuff It

Thirty Years Ago
In a little under nine hours Eichberger takes a dead bird from a clear plastic bag, does things to it that would be unspeakable at the dinner table, and ends up with a static, mute, but life-like effigy of it.

“It’s like being a doctor for the dead,” says Eichberger’s colleague, Gary McCoy, who is working on a mallard duck at the same bench, “except after you get through with it, it’s still dead.”
“STUFF IT,” Neal Matthews, June 8, 1978

Twenty-Five Years Ago
Last week’s front pages featured a Senator Pete Wilson embracing his new bride, Gayle Graham, following their Washington, D.C., wedding. Missing were photos of Betty Wilson, the senator’s ex-wife. The former Mrs. Wilson, however, may have reason to be smiling as well; she has negotiated a divorce settlement which includes alimony payments amounting to $30,000 per year. She’ll remain as the primary beneficiary of Senator Wilson’s four life insurance policies. Betty Wilson gets possession of the couple’s two-bedroom Clairemont condominium on Genesee Avenue, and — should she desire — the option to use their controversial manure-to-methane tax shelter on her 1983 federal income tax filing.
CITY LIGHTS: “THE WILSON SETTLEMENT,” Paul Krueger, June 9, 1983

Twenty Years Ago
What have you got against cats? In a February issue of the Reader, you published an offensive cartoon of a dog eating a cereal made of cat. Not only was it not funny, I found it cruel and prejudicial. In your May 26 issue, you printed a drawing of a run-over cat which again I did not find amusing since I can find no humor in violence to defenseless animals.
LETTERS: “DON’T BE CRUEL,” Peter Saldamando, East San Diego, June 9, 1988

Fifteen Years Ago
I’m not getting any younger, and in a weak moment of fret and worry, I foolishly took to my bed with Cosmopolitan magazine editor-in-chief Helen Gurley Brown’s The Late Show: A Semiwild but Practical Survival Plan for Women over 50 (now in its sixth printing).

Although I’m sure I’ve flipped through Cosmo in waiting rooms, I’d not read any of Brown’s previous six books, which include the 1962 best seller Sex and the Single Girl (“…single girls can have better sex lives than married ones”) or the 1982 Having It All: Love, Success, Sex, Money, Even If You’re Starting with Nothing (“…mousy girls can own the world if they dig in and work hard”). I wasn’t prepared for the Brown style, the breezy sentences (“I’ve always been so little and cute, and, well, young”).
“AGE BEFORE BEAUTY,” Judith Moore, June 10, 1993

Ten Years Ago
I am a student at Francis Parker High School and I am calling regarding the article that has been written about the top ten [high] schools in San Diego [June 4]. I’m calling regarding that article, and I feel that it was very — there was some people you had picked from my school to talk to…[they] were not a fair representation of the school.… I think that they’re just kind of ragging on the school for no reason.
LETTERS: “CRAPPY ARTICLE,” Geoff Pope, North City West, June 11, 1998

Five Years Ago
One item randomly retrieved from Saturday’s infoflow: Carlsbad resident Jed Dickerson, 30, caught a 21.7-pound largemouth bass in Lake Dixon. Dixon Lake (a paltry 70 acres of water surface) is part of Escondido’s Public Works Department and lies 4.4 miles from that municipality’s city hall.

There’s more. Last month, a 19-pound, 7-ounce largemouth bass was taken from Lake Dixon. That fish ranks as 13th heaviest in the world. And, a couple years ago, Dixon Lake relinquished a 20.75 pounder, which ranks as the 9th heaviest gill creature ever enshrined in the Largemouth Bass Hall of Fame.
SPORTING BOX: “SNACK TIME,” Patrick Daugherty, June 5, 2003

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