Strolling Music

Artist: Lanterns

Song: “Knives Gleam” (from

Heard By: Katie Zangaro, North Park

It had a light and easy enough sound to where anyone can get into them. I would consider it indie rock. It sounded like some latter-day Modest Mouse or Wolf Parade. It was pleasurable to the ears — everything went smoothly and nothing was too abrasive. It doesn’t go too extreme rock-wise or weird indie-music-wise, so anyone can listen to it and fall in love with the sweet little sound of his voice. If they get big enough, I guess they would play at Soma. I don’t think I would be too interested in seeing them play live, though. They’re good — I would give them a six or seven out of ten. It’s good “walking” music. Not “power-walking” music — more like “strolling” music.

Artist: Weatherbox

Song: “Trippin’ the Life Fantastic” (from

Heard By: John, Clairemont

It was all right. The instrumentals were pretty good. It seemed like the lyrics were all over the place. He said something about “running in circles.” It was kind of annoying because in the first verse it was the same lyrics over and over. It was a pretty long song; that’s why it was all over the place — the lyrics started off on one subject and finished off on another. It was kind of like a new school kind of punk — rock and roll a little bit, too. It was teenybopper punk, kind of like Fall Out Boy. They seemed like good musicians. I could definitely see them being successful. It would go good on snowboard videos that you see on Fuel TV.

Artist: Daysleeper

Song: “Dsleeper” (from

Heard By: Shawna Ghafouri, North Park

It was okay. It was like “radio rock.” The beginning instrumental part kind of reminded me of Incubus, but not the singing. In my opinion, nothing stood out — I don’t think I would hear it on the radio and say, “I need to get that CD.” I’m sure someone out there likes this kind of music. It was just kind of mellow and repetitive. I didn’t pay attention to the lyrics too much. I could see them playing at some medium-sized venue in San Diego, like Canes or Soma. I guess that would be good music for people hanging out and drinking — something low-key. It’s not really party music. I would give it a five out of ten.

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