Lauding Donna

Name: Dick Vegas

Age: 44 (“...and a whole lot more.”)

Occupation: Actor

Lives In: Linda Vista

Surfing: O.B. Jetty

Pre-Surf Music: Led Zeppelin

“I came out here 22 years ago, and a bunch of my friends got me hooked on surfing,” says Dick Vegas. “It came naturally for me; I’m a ballplayer and a Pisces. Once I got a taste of the ocean, I never looked back.”

As an actor, Dick fights, climbs, and surfs — a stuntman. Recently, he was in Semi-Pro, the Will Ferrell movie. His career started with his entry in a Mr. Mission Beach contest several years ago.

“Let me tell you what I like: I like girls surfing. I see a lot more of them these days. It mellows people out. You have better scenery. Girls are kind of bubbly. So many people are raised with a bad vibe and they bring that to the water; I don’t like the crowds or the attitude. Girls make it all a little better.”

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Look at those guns! We love Dick Vegas! :-)

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