I.B. Weighs Color Palette Options

What's Next? Lilac Lifeguard Towers?

At a July 15 city council meeting, former Imperial Beach mayor and current chairman of the Board of Port Commissioners Michael Bixler stated how he believes Imperial Beach should look like the destination hot spot that it wants to be. He feels a face-lift is in order, and he wants to start with those light-blue lifeguard towers, all five of them.

The idea is to figure out a color scheme and paint the towers. Bixler proposed using the colors featured at Imperial Plaza: “cranberry ice” (pink), “Acapulco cliffs” (turquoise), “Sheffield green,” and “yellow cornflower.” He said adopting a citywide palette would enrich the theme of Imperial Beach.

"Picture your favorite vacation resort,” said Bixler. “That's what I want for Imperial Beach!"

Council member Mayda Winter wanted to make sure the city council and the mayor kept in mind that lifeguards are professionals and that their opinion matters. She liked the idea of adding color but was concerned about the safety of the lifeguards because some colors attract more heat than others. She said some people would like to paint all the sheriff's cars lavender, but it probably wasn't the right thing to do. "I just want everyone to keep that in mind" she said.

As it stands, the council decided to address public safety concerns for the lifeguards before picking any color scheme. They will address the color scheme and any issues painting the fiberglass towers might require at an upcoming city council workshop.

Visit the City of Imperial Beach's Cougar blue website at ci.imperial-beach.ca.us.

Reader poll

What color should the Imperial Beach lifeguard towers be painted?

  • Cranberry Ice 25%
  • Yellow Cornflower 15%
  • Sheffield Green 8%
  • Acapulco Cliffs (turquoise) 42%
  • None of the Above 11%

93 total votes.

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