June's Most Downloaded

“Paper Box,” by Gayle Skidmore, was the most-downloaded MP3 during June. Each month we will highlight the most popular tune by featuring an interview with the songwriter.

What’s your favorite part of “Paper Box”?

Gayle Skidmore: I wrote it about a time in my life where I struggled with loneliness. I would therefore say that the lyrics are my favorite part.

What do you think is missing from it?

This particular recording was done in about two days. It was a rushed E.P. for a tour I did last summer with the talented and lovely Rheanna Downey. I usually play with a cellist and violinist and had written parts for “Paper Box” but didn’t have a chance to record strings at the time.

Have you performed it better live or was the recording (the MP3) perfect?

Preston Parsons did an amazing job recording this song. We actually tried to redo it a few months ago but didn’t like it as much as the first one. I don’t know if any song is ever perfect. I think when I play this song live it sometimes has a different mood than the recording, but I’m not sure if it’s better. Things can always be improved upon, but for now I’m completely happy with what I have.

Whose music do you like right now?

I’ve been listening to my friend Rocky Green’s album non-stop for the last week. Rocky is such an amazing guitarist and his album is very inspirational. He is struggling with a brain tumor right now, so please pray for him!

“Paper Box”

I built myself a paper box to live inside of

And underneath the paper moon I hug my paper dolls

I draw smiles on their faces

And I write all of their happy thoughts and put them on my wall

I’m so happy with my paper family

I’m so happy, and everybody loves me

Here inside my paper box, there is no room for angry thoughts

Unhappy tears are out of place upon a paper face

My heart’s made of paper mache and painted red

And taught to move with every kiss I give away

And taught to love this paper room…

I’m so happy with my paper family

I’m so happy, and everybody loves, loves me

The paper leaves are falling fast

On my origami garden by the sea

Pieces of a life that’s passed

You were the only thing that was ever real to me

I built myself a paper box

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Paper Box E.P.

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