Lost in the Cracks

For over a decade, Wayne Murphy has been waiting and waiting and waiting for something to be done about the cracked and potholed street in front of Benjamin Franklin Elementary School in Kensington. One day last March, a crew showed up across the street from the elementary school. They scraped and repaved the street for a few hours. Murphy was estatic. He would be the champion of his neighborhood. He couldn't wait to see the finished repairs.

A few hours later, the crews left and Murphy went to see the work they had done. A few neighbors assembled in the middle of the street. They didn't like what they saw -- fault-like cracks from sidewalk to sidewalk and chunks of asphalt still missing from the street. The job seemed half finished.

Murphy wasted no time. He went to his computer and found numbers for the various city departments in charge of street maintenance. A supervisor at the street-repair division responded, but he told Murphy that his office was not handling that project and he would need to call someone else. Murphy was back on bumpy ground.

Next up, Councilwoman Toni Atkins office. After no response to his first email, he sent another. By this time, over a month had elapsed since the crew had come out. Finally, council representative April Chesebro responded. She had sent a request to the street division and hadn't heard anything back.

That was three months ago, and still nothing has happened. No one has called back. No one has written him. But Murphy is not defeated. At the Kensington-Talmadge Planners meeting on July 9, he stood in front of the crowded room at the Normal Heights Community Center and told his fellow residents that he will not give up. "Now that I'm retired, I have ample time to see this through."

The city's street-repair division had no record of any work done in March and the field engineering department could not find any previous projects at that location. Unfortunately for Murphy, a decade to get his street in order just isn't long enough.

The Kensington/Talmadge Planners meet on the second Wednesday of every month. A link to the Kensington/Talmadge planners can be found at 411kensington.com.

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A typical example of bureaucracy and our tax-dollars "hard at waste"...! Even with a "full-time-concerened" citizen shining a bright spot-light on the inefficiency of certain elements...., said elements boldly continue to look like they're doing something, while in reality they do nothing, except extending their middle finger at the poor tax-payer who busts his/her behind, paying $4.50+ per gallon for gasoline (etc.)....! When are we going to say "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH", and actually ACT IT as well??? They've got us bent over a never-ending barrel, worrying about making the mortgage, car payment(s), etc. that they KNOW we'd never have the time NOR the energy to do anything about anything even if we wanted to...! What a real shame; a TRAVESTY...! PLEASE: wake-up and take your futures AND your lives into your own hands; don't let it be administered to you in a giant "enema"...!

This November you can choose the next council member for District 3.

Stephen Whitburn is an independent voice for the neighborhoods who is endorsed by Donna Frye.

Todd Gloria is a well-connected insider who takes developer money and makes little secret of his ambition to run for mayor.

Either one of them would be better than lackluster Toni Atkins.

Stephen Whitburn is more likely to listen to Wayne Murphy than well-connected insiders.

Fumber, it's always a pleasure to hear from you.

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