Sorry, Babe

A necessary and sufficient characteristic of an a******* is being self-consumed ("Merry Tuesday," "Diary of a Diva," January 3). Barb's entire essay was about Barb. Family, friends, and tradition be damned.

Ergo: David got it wrong. Sorry, babe, you are an a*******.

P.S. A little happiness is hard to come by in this life. Seems to me you squandered a bunch of it this Christmas. Maybe you can do better next.
E.J. Dunne
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Matt? Matt? Where Are You?

For years, my favorite part of the Reader has been Matthew Alice's "Straight From the Hip." I haven't seen that column published since November 7. Did I miss something? When is his column coming back? I left a question in the "Comments" section of his area on the website but haven't heard a word back. What's going on?
Vincent Andrunas
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OD? Oh, No!

I was wondering what happened to the "Straight From the Hip" column. I've noticed that for the past three or four weeks it hasn't been in there. I wondered if the guy, Matt, who does the column OD'd or is in rehab, like some of your other writers.
Thomas McVeigh

Matthew Alice responds: While we appreciate the concern, the idea of rehab is absurd. We've simply had the elves in for their 20-year tune-up, they found a few things that needed adjusting, and when we're all back in fighting trim, we'll return.


Due to an editorial error in the January 3 "Of Note" on Get Back Loretta, the ticket price for the band's January 5 show at the Che Cafe was incorrect. The show was $5.

Retarded Blurb

William Crain did a blurb on one of San Diego's best bands, Get Back Loretta ("Of Note," January 3). He quoted their lyrics wrong, which he should have checked before quoting. He sounded retarded. He made fun of one of the best bands around. This is why I read City Beat instead of the Reader.
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William Crain responds: Thank you for correcting me on the lyrics. I did not have access to a lyrics sheet, and it sounded like "through the trees" to me.

100 Is Perfect

Get Back Loretta is great. Eighty-two jerk points for the Reader.
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They're the Undorkiest

I don't understand why you'd call Get Back Loretta dorks or say anything bad about them at all -- especially when you quote their lyrics wrong. Their music rocks, and the guys in the band are awesome! William Crain, get your information right!
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Wack Dork

I saw a wack article on my favorite San Diego band, Get Back Loretta. Whoever wrote it (William Crain) is an ignorant dork who knows nothing about music. He makes fun of the band and the Beatles and sheds no light into the music or anything. How embarrassing for you guys to run that blurb.
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Amazing and Catchy

Where do you guys get off dissing Get Back Loretta? They don't only have amazing lyrics and catchy tunes, but they're amazing people as well. And there's no need to dis the Beatles either.

And next time you quote someone's lyrics, do it right.
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Audience TLC

Your article about Get Back Loretta is completely false. Their lyrics are all inspiring and made my New Year's last year probably the best ever. They take great care with the audience and make sure that they are happy. You cannot compare them to any other band with a record deal or indie band.
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No Emo Trashy Punk

So ya don't dis Get Back Loretta. They have good quality music, and they're not dorks. I'm sorry you don't see them as your average emo trashy punk band. But they're good. So go to hell if you think not. I suggest your paper does some music research so that your next article is accurate.
Guyanna Bedington
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Loretta Letdown

Wow, William Crain's article about San Diego's band Get Back Loretta was a pretty big letdown! Not only did he put down the Beatles (who, I might add, probably had the biggest breakthrough in music culture of all time), but he claimed that all members in the band were dorks. Personally, I don't think anyone in any kind of professional business deserves to be labeling anyone, but simply stating their opinion. I mean, I would be able to say that William Crain is an a******, but I don't know the guy, although in his writing, he does kind of seem like one. And furthermore, Crain even got the lyrics of the song "Mr. Brown" wrong. Now, I don't know who this goes out to or who reads these comments, but this is the last article I read on your site. Get better writers!
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Back In the Day

This is in regards to the "Of Note" section written by your wannabe music/band critic (William Crain). I grew up in the Beatles day, saw them on Ed Sullivan, and had a girlfriend who paid less attention to me when one of their songs was on the radio. For Mr. Crain to even suggest that "Get Back" was a bad song proves to me that he is not very savvy of good music. "Get Back" is my favorite Beatle song; my wife and I had it played at our wedding in 1970.

Another bothersome issue is that I remember Get Back Loretta has won four music awards at the San Diego Music Awards in the last three years. If your wannabe critic is calling this band dorky looking, dorkier acting, and suggests they are irritating, then it doesn't look like he has much respect for the San Diego music industry that awarded Get Back Loretta Best Pop Album of the year. I hope you aren't paying this Mr. Crain much for what he does. It also appears that he has trouble getting lyrics correct.
Byron P. Martin
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It's Not a Bad Thing

Get Back Loretta is one of the most innovative bands in Southern California. I don't see why it's a bad thing to take inspiration from the Beatles. I can't think of a better role model for music, and GBL definitely lives up to any and all expectations. They are the only band who has any business referencing the greatest band of all time.
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What's The Joke?

I'm going crazy after reading the cover article in this week's issue ("Does Christmas Offend You?" December 20). In it Gideon Rappaport says, "As an old punch line went, 'What's a Jew doing on a horse?'" So, as a lover of old jokes, I went to Google to look up the joke. The only reference to the punch line given is to your story!

Please, what's the joke?
Al Weiss
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Gideon Rappaport responds: The painter Paul Brach told the story that, though he'd grown up in Jewish upper-middle-class New York, he'd spent time in Arizona working on a ranch and had studied at the University of Iowa, among other places. When he was drafted into the Army during WWII, they put him into a horse regiment in Texas. The first day, the sergeant, thinking to use someone as a bad example of riding so he could then whip the group into shape, asked Brach to do something on horseback. He did it. Then he was asked to do something much harder. He did it. The sergeant was not only stymied in his plan for the new recruit to set a bad example but surprised at what this particular recruit could do. When he found out who the recruit was, "What's a Jew doing on a horse?" was his response.

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Open note to E.J.: In regard to your post script, “A little happiness is hard to come by in this life. Seems to me you squandered a bunch of it this Christmas.” First off, happiness is not hard to come by at all. It’s a mindset, and I come by it very, very easily. As do the friends and family with whom I choose to surround myself. And secondly, I can’t see how choosing to do what makes me happy, with people who make me happy, during a holiday that, if I were to celebrate it, would have made me unhappy, is “squandering” happiness. As for the “maybe you can do better next,” let’s just say, “I plan to.” Thanks for writing in!

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