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Jess Reed, singer/songwriter/guitarist with Diamonds of Rome, says, "If a band is starting up, you have to do everything you can do to promote. Competition is really fierce. If you really believe in your music, you should get it out there."

So, Reed purchased 100 30-second ads on 91X to promote his band ("We've been compared to Social Distortion and Guns N' Roses"). Reed's message? Check out his band's MySpace page.

"I don't spend money on rent," says Reed, who makes money by giving guitar and drum lessons. He lives with his parents and friends so he can promote his band.

Reed says he paid between $25 and $35 for each ad that aired on 91X in October, November, and December. He says hits on the band's MySpace page increased by about 250 each week the ads ran.

Reed says his band has no scheduled gigs until their CD is out (due in the spring).

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