Fun with Friends

Artist: Stolen
Song: “Pills from God” (from the CD Drop that Apple)
Heard By: Danny M., UTC

It was good. To me, it sounded very dated; it sounded like San Diego ’90s rock. I don’t know if these guys have been playing for that long, but that’s what it reminded me of. One band I thought about — musically, at least, not vocally — was Lucy’s Fur Coat. [The vocals] weren’t anything special, but it was good. I just don’t hear anything that I could see hitting a national level, but it would be fun to go watch them play and go have some drinks with some friends. The recording was really weak. I think if they had a cleaner recording it would sound better. I don’t pay too much attention to the lyrics; I listen to more of the flow of the music. They got the job done. They rocked pretty hard.

Artist: Modern Day Moonshine
Song: “Reminiscin’” (from the CD Same Old Fight)
Heard By: Gabriel Meza, North Park

It’s not something that I would go ahead and purchase. It does seem to have that San Diego flair or sound — almost like a laid-back “beach” type of music. I do like the guitar-playing; he plays very clean, especially the solos. Again, it’s unfair to say that it sucks because it’s just not my style of music. I love Bauhaus, Pink Floyd, Louis the XIV. [MDM reminded me of] maybe Jack Johnson. The lyrics I would need to hear several times to get what he is “reminiscin’” about, but the technical level of the songwriting, on a scale of one to ten, I would give him about an eight. I believe he needs more transitions in the song. It’s something that you might listen to on Star [94.1 FM] or Jack [100.7 FM].

Artist: The Secret Samurai
Song: “Bereft of Enemies” (from the CD Gun Sho Gun)
Heard By: Chris Quintanar, Spring Valley

I thought it was cool. It was relaxing, down-to-earth. It’s something you feel emotionally inside. It’s just like Dick Dale — flowing, mellow…perfect. It’s like a perfect wave. Take it for what it is, but let your mind absorb something you’ve never heard before. [I heard] a lot of guitars…a lot of guitar riffs. That’s all I heard. A little bit of drums, but more guitars than anything. The guitar riff was totally catchy. It sounded like, “hey, let’s go out and surf.” It’s a fun song. [If I were to put that song on] I’d be just chillin’ with my friends, drinking a beer — just having some fun. And if it was summertime, I’d be on the beach.

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