Ass Antlers and Tanorexic

I just recently heard “ass antlers” and I think it’s wonderful. It refers to tattoos on the lower back, sometimes also called a “tramp stamp.” They are usually tribal tattoos in a v-shape and sit just above the butt. I also think that “tanorexic” is a great word because we live in Southern California and a lot of people here tend to go overboard on the fake tanning. You know the type, the super-skinny bleached blond girls that look orange. I want to give them some SPF and a sandwich. It’s even worse when you see the orange guys running around.

Chay | Age: 40 | Occupation: Legal field | Lives: Santee

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"Ass antlers!" I love it! Is that because it's where you're supposed to spit up because you're at it from behind?

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