Jane's Dream

“Yeah. I still think you need a way to stand out from all the others,” I said. Suddenly, as though the random voices in our heads synchronized, Jane and I looked at her eldest daughter with newfound interest. “Bella,” we called simultaneously. Jane let me take the lead: “Bella, look into the camera, honey. Say, ‘help my mommy get organized,’ okay?”

“Help my mommy!” Bella cried.

“Get organized,” Jane said.

“Get organized,” the child repeated.

“Now all together,” I said. Jane joined me in chanting the demand a few times.

“Help my mommy! Get organized,” echoed Bella. From the mouths of babes, I thought. This might actually work.

Once we had extracted the desired performance from the budding child star, Jane stepped before the camera and said, “If you have any ideas, anything you can email, anything at all, please help.” As if on cue, Bella, without any prompting, offered a Tiny Tim-like flourish for the camera: “So our family can be completely safe!”

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That is pathetic and shameful and should work great lol!I hope her dream does come to reality or she may just have to have a garage cleaning party, remember those(like a painting party)?Whatever happend to those beer and pizza pleas (bribes) for help?

Hi, Jim! I remember hearing about those parties, but I've never been to one. And I wouldn't go to one. And I think it's unfair to call those "parties." It's more like, "I'll hire you to do some grunt work, but I'm paying you in beer and pizza." Some people like doing that stuff anyway, so the food and booze is a perk, but I don't fall into that category. And I don't drink beer. It's a good thing I don't have a garage. ;)

Is Jane the same sister who you wrote an article on about her boobs?

Yup. Jane is hilarious and good-natured, and incredibly fun to be around, which are some of the many reasons she features so prominently in my life and, therefore, my diary.

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