Hoover High Towers

— Seventy-year-old Hoover High School wants to make some major renovations to their sports facilities, including new bleachers, restrooms, a press box, new entrances to the fields, and 90-foot light towers so they can host nighttime football games and other events. The project has been planned since 2006, with construction set to begin in May of 2009 and end in November of 2010.

But residents of Kensington/Talmadge are not playing along. Instead, they are looking to sack the project. The problem, say the Kensington residents, is that night games and events will bring more crime, noise, traffic, and trash into their quiet, single-family residential neighborhood.

The residents created a website listing the reasons they oppose the high school’s renovations. “The nightly activity from school night games and recreation group field usage has been and will continue to be indecent or offensive to the senses.... [S]uch activity has created an obstruction to the free use of property, and has interfered with the comfortable enjoyment of life and property.”

Members of the community have raised their concerns to the school board and contacted newly inducted District 3 councilmember Todd Gloria.

“Councilmember Gloria does not yet have a final position on Hoover’s capital improvements,” says council representative Travis Knowles. “That said, Councilmember Gloria, as well as the local community, is in favor of most of the improvements. The main concern among the community is the addition of lights to the football field and the impacts on the neighborhood resulting from night games. A lot of the community opposition to the current project has resulted from poor communication between the school district and the neighbors, particularly relating to issues surrounding use of the football field.”

“Councilmember Gloria is seeking to build trust through renewed dialogue and hopes to find a compromise solution that both the school district and the community can support. As the project is still in its design phase, an opportunity remains for such a compromise to develop.”

For more information on the project and the community’s efforts to sideline the renovations, visit their website at bajatalmadge.org.

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Wow...grow up people!

  1. YOU moved into a neighborhood with a high school.

  2. The school has been there since the 1930s. Hard to be a NIMBY when you are in the school's backyard, and not vice-versa!

  3. When you buy a home near a high school, there are certain things you should expect. Occasional night-time sporting events would be one of them. Additional noise & trash would be another. Get over it.

  4. The school USED TO HAVE LIGHTS, but got rid of them back in the 1980s (as far as I understand the history).

  5. When the school wants to have night games now, they have to rent gas-powered lights which are noisy & stink up everything with fumes. (and they're expensive)

  6. The website of these NIMBYs tries to paint Hoover High as a blight on the neighborhood! You people are ridiculous! The school is one of the FEW bright spots in that area!

  7. If anything, additional lighting in the area would be a GOOD THING. Property crime would likely go down due to increased foot traffic (witnesses?) and light.

Seriously...people like this are the reason I'm starting to hate San Diego. I'm a native here, but am seriously getting sick of jerks that try to ruin things for everyone else because it doesn't fit with their narrow view of what life should be like. YOU LIVE NEXT TO A FRIGGIN' HIGH SCHOOL! Did you NOT KNOW THAT when you bought your overpriced houses???

I WILL REPEAT IT ONCE AGAIN... well it might help if you did a little research before you posted your uninformed opinion... If you had you would have found out that the lights were removed due to violence issues, the area has existing crime problems and there have been issues with the schools activities on the field that have not been addressed even when the residents have requested assistance from the school many times. Also most of these issues were not a problem when the majority of residents bought their homes, they arose from a new field being installed and the school renting the field out after normal school hours. There is not an issue with activity during normal school hours the majority of issues occur after school hours. But if you lived in our neighborhood or even owned a house maybe you would have been better informed.

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