Goodbye Again

William “Doc” Hunter, 70, jazz pianist, Chicago Six, South Market Street Jazz Band. d. 1/8/08.

Bob Finch, 82, jazz bassist and bandleader for the Chicago Six. d. 1/12/08.

John Stewart, 68, member of the Kingston Trio’s second lineup in 1961. Wrote “Daydream Believer” (the Monkees/Anne Murray). d. 1/19/08.

Carl Evans Jr., 53, jazz keyboardist, Fattburger founder, toured with Stevie Wonder, Anita Baker, Barry White. d. 4/10/08.

Calvin “Romance” Baugh, 48, jazz vocalist, recorded for Verve Records, front man for Quiet Storm, sang with Evan Marks, Steve Laury. d. 4/18/08.

Craig Yerkes, 40, guitarist for the Grams. d. 6/28/08.

Barbara Jamerson, 59, jazz vocalist, fronted trio named Two Deep. d. 8/20/08.

Willy Graves, 27, bassist in the Prayers, Plot to Blow Up the Eiffel Tower. d. 9/14/08.

Nick Reynolds, 75, Kingston Trio founding member. d. 10/1/08.

Terrin Durfey, 34, multi-instrumentalist member of Pinback, Jade Shader, and Boilermaker. d. 10/28/08.

Scott Zensen, 50, published online local music webzine, My Music Week. d. 11/26/08.

Lorna “Doone” Hamilton, 50, local music “super-fan,” sang on The Devil Lied to Me by Country Dick Montana. d. 11/27/08.

Mike Peters, 55, keyboardist Mo’Wasabi. Ex-member of Private Domain (’80s), also ex-Eve Selis Band, Dr. Feelgood & the Interns of Love, Ron Bolton Band, Los Banderos. d. 12/6/08.

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RIP all y'all. I had no idea Calvin died. WOW

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