Zank, Jack, and Ron

Artist: Zank
Song: “Sorry” (from the CD Without a Bridge)
Heard By: Abe Sanchez, Rosarito, Mexico

Zank: "Sorry"

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It’s not bad. It’s something I’d definitely listen to on the radio, but I don’t know if I’d go out and buy it. It’s alternative rock, and the lyrics are kind of country — the guy’s voice, too. I can’t think of any bands offhand that it sounds like. Mostly it sounded like a breakup song, but the guy’s looking for permission to leave, which is kind of strange. It’s kind of passive-aggressive. There would be a market for that type of music — it sounds like a lot of people would listen to it. The ideal activity for that song would be packing up to move out of an apartment when you’re dumping a chick.

Artist: Jack Tempchin
Song: “Waiting” (from the CD Songs)
Heard By: Ariel Ollman, Normal Heights

Jack Tempchin: "Waiting"

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I thought it was cool. It was a driving rock song. It’s something I’d listen to on a road trip, for sure. Driving down a road and contemplating life. It reminded me of Tom Petty or old Guns N’ Roses. It’s all about waiting, which is something very familiar to me. It had a lot of good metaphors and imagery, like “a car rusting in the sun.” It had a good beat. There was some cute little guitar riffs in there. I could see it being played on the radio; it’s catchy and easy to understand. It sounds a lot like what they play on classic-rock stations. It belongs on “the Walrus [105.7].”

Artist: Happy Ron
Song: “Pitter Patter” (from the CD Terribly Happy)
Heard By: Steve Fetherston, Normal Heights

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Terribly Happy

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It was very They Might Be Giants, only slightly dumbed down. It was very happy and positive. It’s not my particular choice in music, but it’s well put together and orchestrated. The recording could have been a little bit better, but when you’re working with a budget, that’s understandable. The topic was pretty cool. The song was about some chick and how she made him feel and the things he wanted to do because of the way he feels for her. I see them being one of the most famous bands you’ve never heard of. It would definitely be one of those songs that just pops up on my iPod.

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