The eyes have it

The Orange County Register has put up a new online search engine on its website, allowing lookups of the salaries of all employees of the University of California who make more than $25,000 a year. Some examples of UCSD officials making big bucks: Chancellor Marye Anne Fox, $382,416, and Associate Vice Chancellor Mary Lindenstein Walshok, $161,225. But the most generous pay went to professors at the medical school. Topping the list is ophthalmologist Robert Weinreb, with gross pay of $804,341.

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But the Orange County Register is notorious for what they leave out of their reporting. Google, "Judicial Transparency Now" to see what I mean.

The Register also has a problem of the headlines being directly opposite of story content. As in huge...and seemingly, although numerous complaints of readers, apparently are willing to live with it.

It might interest the author to know that Dr. Weinreb is an eminent retinologist, if not the preeminent retinologist, with clients arriving from every continent (except the southernmost) at the Shiley Eye Center for his care. If you have retina problems, he is the go-to guy.

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