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Delta Spirit had to cancel their November 21 show at Hailey’s in Denton, Texas, after bassist Jon Jameson was arrested. “Jon was arrested last night in Texas for possession of prescription medication,” read a post on the band’s MySpace page. “As a result, we are stuck in the middle of nowhere waiting for him to get out.”

One posted response from the band’s MySpace friend Row_Har reads, “You need to deal with the fact that Jon has a problem. If you keep explaining all these incidents away, you’re going to be helping him kill himself.”

Jon Jameson was formerly in Noise Ratchet, who were signed to American Records by producer Rick Rubin. Noise Ratchet has recorded an album for American that has yet to be released.

Local blogger Scott Pactor at catdirtsez posits that Delta Spirit is not truly a San Diego band. “I understand that three of the members reside in northern San Diego County, but Delta Spirit does not claim San Diego. Fact: their South by Southwest Artist profile stated residency as Orange County. Fact: MySpace profile lists them as from California. I have other facts at my fingertips, but I am not disclosing them.”

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Jameson posted this on the band blog: "I stayed one night in the Hudspeth County Jail thanks to our GPS, some alertness pills, bored Texas Troopers and a Barack Obama sticker...Morals of the story; don't take pills from my mom, stay on the I-10 when driving through Texas, not everyone with an 'assualt with a deadly weapon' charge is a bad guy, never enter Hudspeth County if possible, if you do have prescription pills keep the prescription with them, former Marine Texas State Troopers love Rage, [and] cover all Obama propaganda when entering Texas..."

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