I use the word “booty“ for almost everything. I started saying it about six months ago. I think I heard a friend say it or something. I don’t remember. Anyway, I thought it sounded fun and people look at you funny when you say it. I don’t use it to talk about an actual booty, which I guess is also a slang word, just different. When I use it, it means anything that’s bad or negative. For example, if you’re late for work, that’s booty. Or if your friend is being a jerk, they are booty.”

Jen Anaya | Age: 29 | Occupation: Medical Data Entry | Lives: Talmadge

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The term "booty" may also refer to the dividend prize money Sempra Energy investors might be wishing for whenever SDG&E submits a rate increase request to the CPUC...

... or it is the target of a swift kick owed to public officials who use off-budget bonuses to enrich themselves at the public's expense. Really. Politicians feeding at the public trough one step ahead of the law is booty.

Us putting up with it is ghetto booty.

Thinking up a song for the council today:

Today's reappointment, is a disappointment, Please don't renew these men's terms!

The stench at CCDC's Enough to make me queasy Please don't renew these men's terms!

CCDC, SEDC Each has got a Board But do they work for San Diego Oh Lord!

Renewed to 2011 That just stinks to heaven Please don't renew these men's terms!

Today's reappointment is a disappointment, Please don't renew these men's terms!

Agreed, A2Z, it's time to kick some SEDC and CCDC booty.

May I suggest some language changes:

"I have to go to the bathroom and take a CCDC."


"I ran out of toilet paper and couldn't wipe my SEDC."

Online profanity gets edited out by the watchful Reader gnomes. So from now on we can just replace swear words with our favorite government entities.

"That guy is a total Redevelopment Agency."

"Hey, why don't you kiss my City Council?"

"Stick it up your SEDC."


Fred "Ain't Got No Booty" Williams

... and I earlier posted elsewhere on the Internet the new definition of "to be carolyned" as a verb where the subject of the verb is the population of taxpayer, voters, and other citizens having to pay for both sides of a lawsuit to recover unethical off-budget bonuses paid out during a city wage freeze...

the aclu protects our civil liberties.

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