Organically, If You Will

Acoustic guitarist Shawn Rohlf has played Sunday mornings at the Hillcrest farmers’ market for 11 years.

“It’s the most difficult gig of the week for any musician,” says Rohlf, who’s fronted the 7th Day Buskers for six years. “In one case, a band member showed up late with no instrument. He went back home to get it. Ends up, he went to the wrong house because he forgot he had moved two weeks earlier. Finally, he arrived back at the market an hour later with a completely different instrument than the one he normally plays. He apparently didn’t own a key to his new house and just grabbed whatever he could find in the garage.…

“Having to teach [new bandmates] the fine art of setting up the EZ Up tent can be comical. I know many of the folks waiting in line to get a crepe find it quite amusing to watch it happen.”

Recently, Rohlf’s 7th Day Buskers lost some personnel.

“We recently decided to put that band on hiatus,” says Rohlf. “Since then, I have been inviting a variety of different musicians to sit in with me, and just as the Buskers came to be, there is a new group, forming sort of ‘organically,’ if you will.”

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