Night Marchers' "Nice Song"

Artist: The Night Marchers

Song: “Bad Bloods” (from the CD See You in Magic)

Heard By: Jakob Rozema, Amsterdam, Netherlands

It’s a nice song. When it started off, I thought it was an Iggy Pop clone a little bit — like the “Lust for Life” song. It has this drum that just goes on like a train. I liked it especially when they started the chorus. The song lasts for three and a half minutes, and I would say after two and a half minutes you knew pretty much that there was a lot of “bad blood.” The vocals were a little in the background; they sounded a little hollow every now and then. Content-wise, maybe I didn’t spend too much time listening to the lyrics, but they tried to make a message and I think they succeeded in that. It’s not too difficult or academically profound, but it is music.

Artist: Drunken Slumber

Song: “Full Grown Pylephant March” (from the CD Bossa Nova / Chevy Nova)

Heard By: German Vaca, Chula Vista

It pretty much sounds like a carnival song. I picture myself in a merry-go-round or something. It seemed to be progressing all the time like it was going to explode into something else, but it just came back to the same melody. It’s perfect for a march down Third Street in Chula Vista. It’s instrumental and all natural; it didn’t seem to have any electronic sounds to it even though it was made on a computer. I heard trumpet, a lot of percussion, and some flutes in there. It could probably have a chance in a commercial — like if you turned on the TV and they’re advertising the circus coming to town.

Artist: Firethorn

Song: “Enlightenment for One” (from the CD Pollution for the Fountain of Youth)

Heard By: Jesse Fox, downtown

The delivery was good. I noticed the beat and the chorus coming in first. Overall, they seemed to be a strong outfit for what they’re doing. The drummer I noticed in particular because he came in with a pretty big fill. There’s kind of an old-school punk-rock breakdown at the end, and that was kind of refreshing. They remind me of a lot of stuff that’s been emerging in the past few years. It reminds me of the Jimmy Eat World/Fall Out Boy, post-emo/pop-punk genre. He sounds like a trained vocalist. They don’t make you listen to a pop song for three minutes; it’s just a couple of minutes — that’s cool, too.

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