Tough guys

The by-now-infamous F-word meltdown by San Diego mayor Jerry Sanders is only the latest instance in a long history of bad-boy behavior by the onetime chief of police, who was tutored on the mean streets of Long Beach, where his father was a motorcycle cop. As a young San Diego patrol officer, Sanders, a San Diego State dropout, was reportedly a hard drinker caught up in the macho culture of local law enforcement. His South Mission Beach roommate was Tom Stickel, later to become a wealthy Coronado financier, who recalled that the pair led a loose life; his friends said Sanders spent time haunting local bars and picking up women. In February 1976 Sanders got a “reprimand” from his superiors after he was arrested for drunk driving by California Highway Patrol officers, who chased his Porsche 914 at high speed down the freeway. Somehow, he avoided criminal prosecution.

When Sanders ran for mayor in 2005, there were rumors that he was violently short-tempered and verbally abused his first wife, Kerrill; Sanders denied it, though he’d had the couple’s 1993 divorce file sealed from prying eyes. Asked in 2005 about their divorce, Kerrill said, “It was a very amicable parting,” but declined to elaborate, other than to say the case had been sealed “to protect our privacy.”

Perhaps the most interesting of Sanders’s current relationships is that between him and his press aide Fred Sainz, a hardball Republican operative who was a 1988 advance man for the first George Bush and went on to work for the National Republican Senatorial Committee. Sainz showed up in San Diego as a functionary for the GOP’s 1996 convention and remained to do various political duties for local Republicans; he was hired as an aide by GOP mayor Susan Golding and later became PR man for the city-run convention center operation. Sainz, known for his prickly personality, has been bulking up in local gyms and has become an intimidating presence around city hall and at Sanders political rallies.

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I think you left out the whole San Ysidro McDonald's masacre tragedy that resulted from Sander's on-duty drunken negligence.

From what I've read elsewhere, Sanders delayed giving the order to the police sniper to shoot Huberty...so Sanders could have time to change into his uniform and be at the scene for interviews by the media.

Apparently, he was at a Mission Bay booze party at the time, and drove, perhaps while intoxicated, to his office to change. Meanwhile, men, women, and children were being shot.

Today, Sanders takes credit for that operation, and the UT treats him like a hero former-cop, instead of an incompetent who should have been publicly disgraced and expelled from the force over his behavior that day.

It's no surprise a man with Sander's total lack of character would be represented by a lying *ss-licker like Sainz.

What's worse than any of the profanity, however, is the obvious fact that the emails show that the UT takes specific directions from the Mayor's office on how to report and spin the news.

Kittle and Sainz (as well as other UT writers like Matthew Hall) are so cozy with each other, they're practically sharing underwear.

This subversion extends to other news outlets too, like CityBeat and VOSD, where Sainz is obviously on first name terms with the editors and writers. How much Sainz influences their coverage is debatable, but it's clear that they've been compromised by the deceptions of Sanders and Sainz.

People don't get records sealed to protect their children.

People find friendly judges to seal their records so the public is prohibited from learning who they are, and their spouse is prohibited from learning about financial transactions. Check out Ron Burkle's actions at www.FamilyLawCourts.com/burton.html

But as far as drunken police officers. Yawn. Old news. See www.BadCopNews.com

Get Sanders out! The news media aka Bob Kittle and Tribune maffia are doing their best to revamp Sanders image and get him "electable" by strategies like LYING about his accomplishments and then printing retractions a week later where no one can find them. Election time cant come soon enough to get the wife abuser out!

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