Flooding Puts Damper on Artwalk

If you've been looking to get your feet wet in the art world, today was the perfect opportunity.

Around 3:45 this afternoon a water main burst just north of State and West Date Streets, causing a rush of water to flow down Date Street and right through the heart of Little Italy's annual Artwalk event.

An ever-widening stream of water surged its way through the booths of vendors while artists rushed to save their work, and Artwalk-goers looked for a way to cross the water.

Police immediately closed down the area surrounding the burst pipe.

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Yes, this example of the city's neglect of essential infrastructure turned ArtWalk into ArtWash.

Thank CCDC for the long term neglect. The money that used to be invested in infrastructure is diverted into the pockets of developers like John Moores.

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