Name This Place

Clue: Boxed-in rubble-rouser.

Describe this location, name the nearest cross-streets, and win a Reader T-shirt. Enter by completing the form below.

Last week's place: (clue: Big foot, little ranch) Yeti, standing outside Ranchita Realty, 37554 Montezuma Valley Road, Ranchita. Ranchita Realty owner Joe Rauh had the idea to build the 11-foot-high, 250-pound fiberglass abominable snowman — along with an equally big Sasquatch ("Bigfoot") — to sell to roadside businesses as sign-holders. He has reportedly invested around $15,000 and hopes to sell them for about $4500 each, but so far has no takers. Coyotes that used to harass Rauh's chickens and goats are nowhere to be seen these days. (Last week’s winners: Mitchell Kalaminski, Matt Keen, Rheta Schoenman, Rochelle Peterson, Ken Economy)

Tuesday, April 29, 2008, 9 a.m. In case of ties, lottery will determine top five winners.

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