Just One Guy

Artist: Wayne Riker

Song: “The Betrayal” (from the CD Fretfull)

Heard By: Marley Peifer, San Diego

Well, it’s kind of hard to talk about it because it’s instrumental, but it was very mellow and it’s easy-listening. You could listen to it probably while you’re reading. It could be a good soundtrack for a film. It’s just one guy. It’s acoustic guitar — I’m not sure exactly what kind of music he’s playing. He seemed pretty good. My mom plays banjo in a folk-music society. Maybe this guy is even part of that folk-music society. I could see him playing music in something like that. It says [in the CD booklet] that he used to always play music in group settings. He’s been playing music for 40 years. It definitely seems like it could accompany something else.

Artist: Lissa

Song: “Feel It” (from her self-titled EP)

Heard By: David Meza, North Park

It’s definitely pop, I’ll tell you that. It sounds like Jennifer Lopez. It basically sounds like her sister. Now that I think about it, [the lyrics were] “Can’t stop the feeling.” I guess the mood of the song was “get up and dance.” The music definitely went along with the lyrics. It sounds better than some of Britney Spears’s crap, to be quite honest with you. I’d never heard of the artist. The more I listen to the song, the catchier it gets. When I hear that song, I picture a bunch of young kids getting out of high school with tongue rings and flashy clothing…and a bottle of Sprite. It would go good with a soft-drink commercial.

Artist: Crime Desire

Song: “Succubus” (from their self-titled CD)

Heard By: Gissel Martinez, Imperial Beach

It’s not my type of music, so I really didn’t enjoy it. I listen to hip-hop and R&B. I would describe it as a “punkish” song. I think I picked up on some of the lyrics…he said something like “die!” I couldn’t really understand it. The song was very energetic. I really don’t know who I would compare them to. I have a cousin who listens to this type of music. Some of it was okay. I could see that song in a commercial or maybe a TV show…if something crazy was going on. I picture being at a concert with a live band playing when I hear that song. I would enjoy it more if I saw them live. I’ve been to certain places where bands like that have played, and I like it better live.

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