Roping Dogs

Photo Credit: San Diego Historical Society
  • Photo Credit: San Diego Historical Society

Dogs’ Beach in Ocean Beach, 1974. The city council got tough on dogs that year. In two weeks’ time, 232 citations were issued to owners, “the toughest crackdown on stray dogs in county history,” according to our local daily. “A three-day operation in Imperial Beach brought in 68 unleashed dogs; a two-day patrol of Ocean Beach roped in 80 dogs.”

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I have a wonderful Blue nose that I trust with my kids and I still keep her harnessed because of all the skiddish people around. It has to be the funniest thing in the world when you see people actually cross the street because they see a 7 month old girl waddling up to them. I think that most dogs, if not all belong on a leash. No matter what we think, dogs are dogs, they will react or act, even if they were trained not to. I just do it to make others more comfortable either walking next to or just passing by their place. I do not understand why people think they have the right to stop you on the street and let you know " you have the most violent beed of dog" and other lame comments like that. Well based on statistics (since that is where they are getting their opinions) 30-45 year old white men are responsible for more child abuse and molestation on minors than any other race, I should let every white man I see , That I am watching them. People need to keep personal opinions to themselves unless they have done some research. Cocker spaniels and Akitas are responsible for more bites per year than any other dog breed. Every time I walk my dog, the only dogs that seem like they might bite you are the " rats on a leash" they snip at your ankles, they bark at everything and let me tell you, I am truly afraid I might crush one of them. I do not understand why people who are afraid of a bigger dogs hurting their little things, let them run up to my dog. Control them people, if my pup wasn't as well behaved as she is, could eat them. Dogs are dogs and I think half the dogs at dog beach belong on a short leash. I see so many fights and owners yelling at other people about their dogs. My girl stays on a leash the whole time , not because of her, but because of all the irresponsible owners letting their dogs run wild, hoping that they will listen during crunch time.

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