Rufus and Anti-Rufus

I have to admit, the word I use the most came from the movie Never Been Kissed. The word is Rufus, and it’s used to describe something really cool. I love the way it sounds and it’s versatile. Rufus can refer to one thing, like a song or a movie, or to a feeling. Someone can ask you how your day is and you can say that it’s Rufus! Not many people get where it’s from and I get asked a lot what it means. On the flip side, something can be an Anti-Rufus when it sucks. The fun thing about strange slang words is that it’s like a different language between you and your friends...or in this case, anyone who has seen the movie.

Aletha Chase | Age: 38 | Occupation: Spiritual Healer | Lives: Encinitas

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