Still Poisonous?

This isn’t the first time I’ve been on during the daytime at a rock station. I began cracking the mic back in the late ’80s. A lot of the music from that era was disposable. And a lot of that disposable music was produced by hair bands.

With their perfect ’dos, caked-on make-up, and really-hot-but-wait-that’s-a-dude (!) lead singer Bret Michaels, no one would be faulted for lumping Poison into the same category as the Bulletboys or Warrant. Their debut, Look What the Cat Dragged In, did little to make one think they’d still be part of the pop-culture fabric 22 years later.

Then, in ’88, they scored: Bret and the boys had every girl in the arena wanting more than just a good time with his victim’s ode called “Every Rose Has Its Thorn.” This was evident in Louisville sometime in late ’88 or early ’89. I can’t remember exactly, but I was on the air at LRS-102 and Poison made a stop into town and staggered from the fog of their buses to take the stage amidst their bottles of Jack and stacks of amps.

Before Poison played, we went back for the official meet-n-greet. There was the customary handshake, small talk, group photo, and a great deal of speculation if any of the teenage girls sporting their screen-printed fabric “pre-show” passes actually left their homes wearing the same type of clothing they were now wearing backstage. We didn’t have Charlotte Russe stores in Louisville…but apparently a chain of Jailbait Sluts had opened overnight to supply the River City’s under-18 set with the requisite see-through tops and pleather pants that might get them a private, late-night tour of the band’s bus.

Despite the temptation that these corn-fed cuties offered, Bret didn’t do anything scandalous that I could see. He was gracious and kind. Perhaps he somehow knew something none of us did…that thanks to his pop melodies and good looks, he’d weather the storms of time to sail again in a new millennium.

DJ: Jim Richards

Station: 101.5 KGB FM

Shift: Monday–Friday, 10:00 a.m.–1:00 p.m.

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Did anyone catch any episodes of Rock of Love? Wow. Talk about train wrecks. And, Brett really came across bad in it. Wigs with bandanas, eyeliner, and stupid lines.

Wigs...did I miss for the bandannas and hats all the time, is he actually bald -- it seems when guys, esp. stars like this, are alays wearing them, it's because there is no hair under there -- look at Garth Brooks, for instance; without his big bad Steston, he looks like a middle-aged shoes salesmen (my apologies to all middle-aged shoe salesmen out there).

I think one of the ladies' fathers asked him if he had hair...

I watched the final episode with a friend in L.A. She was mad at me for being disappointed that Bret chose Ambre over Daisy. I adit it, I have a thing for Daisy. My friend said, "Some men want more than just a stripper!"

On the other hand, Daisy was all trouble -- a liar, still living with her ex- in a onebedroom, did did not Ambre also lie about her age...

Listen to me! The only reason why I watched this show (he says quietly) is because I am writing an essay about it, Flavour of Love, and other celebrity reality dating shows for a textbook/anthology called RATE ME, about such shows, and make-ocver shows, where people want to be rated against one another and the TV viewer's gaze and opinion on what is or is not attractive.

That, was a funny post. Cars singer Ric Ocasek, was giving his supermodel wife Paulina Poriscova (sp?) a hard time for watching the show. He said, "How can you watch this?" She replied, "How can you not?" I read that in People, or some magazine like that.

If they were on, and nothing else was on, I'd watch. The people all seemed so damn pathetic, though. I had no problem with that woman, and her "age"....she just seemed like an idiot. Which, means, she's perfect for Bret.

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