Sick Sharks

Name: James Teak

Surfing: Crystal Pier

Age: 22

Occupation: Machinist

Lives In: Point Loma

Pre-Surf Music: Pennywise

Post-Surf Food: Taco Surf or Jamba Juice

“I started surfing when I was in third grade. My dad bought me a 5’10” four-fin old-school board for my birthday. My uncle took me out,” says James Teak.

He recalls only one conflict with another surfer.

“I was hanging out with my friends, and this guy walked by and stepped on my board. He cracked it. You see stuff like that. It can be pretty localized at certain places around San Diego. It’s just about respect. You don’t cut someone off on the freeway, so don’t drop in on someone’s wave.”

He’s surfed mostly in San Diego but has made a trip to Hawaii to visit his sister. His ideal surf vacation spot?

“I’d love to go to Fiji; it’s so beautiful and exotic, and you don’t have cell-phone service. I love being alone and having time to think.”

His seven years in the water have been mellow and rewarding. He hasn’t been threatened, but has gotten up close to some marine animals.

“I’ve never seen anything crazy in the water. A few leopard sharks about as big as I am…it was pretty sick.”

A few weeks ago, James volunteered with the Surfrider Foundation.

“We did a clean up at Tourmaline. The surfing community here is really tight. A lot of people show up and donate [time].”

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