Lot of Drums, Little Guitar

Artist: Fkenal

Song: “The Penumbra” (from the EP In-Media Res)

Heard By: Earl Paus, Chula Vista

It was just instrumental. It was pretty steady…I liked it. It was something I can dance to. I guess I would have liked it better if it had some lyrics because it kind of seemed to repeat itself. I don’t really listen to that type of music mainly, but I would say [it sounds like] bands like Emery and Acceptance. It’s kind of indie, kind of chill…maybe a little progressive rock, too. The bass was the one [instrument] dominating most of the sound, and then I heard a lot of drums and a little bit of guitar. It was a steady bassline, but it was really precise throughout the whole song. I really liked the bass. I would say that they’d do fairly well because it wasn’t something typical or predictable.

Artist: Comfortable Creeps

Song: “Stolen Destruction” (from the CD Paycheck to Paycheck)

Heard By: Travis Johnson, University Heights

I thought the music was really good. The messages in it were really good — they had one about how assault and battery against women is wrong. Some of the lyrics were kind of immature — they rhymed with [words] like “land” and “band.” They’ll use the same rhyme on three different lines, and I just thought it was basic but they had some good parts, too.… I think they’re a little confused on whether they want to be gangsta rap or they want to be political. They were just jumping around from subject to subject, and I didn’t know what they were talking about half the time. Maybe if they had a vocal hook it would have a lot more commercial potential.

Artist: Young Mass w/ Digital Underground & Kenya Gruv

Song: “Blue Skyy (Remix)” (from his self-titled CD)

Heard By: William Morris, Paradise Hills

If I had to rate it, I’d give it a six out of ten. It’s kind of similar to Will Smith [music]; you know, not angry music to get “pumped up,” but nice and mellow. It’s not vulgar; the kids can listen to it. He was talking about having fun on a nice day. A little get-together. I heard “blue sky” a lot. It was a nice beat, but I’ve heard better. I’m not a real critic of hip-hop; I don’t sit there and try to listen too close. I think it will do all right, and Digital Underground will catch some people’s attention. [On] that song, I didn’t hear too much of a lyricist, but the instrumentals were decent. I’m more of a Jay-Z kind of guy. I could see myself listening to it [while] driving a little ways, like to L.A.

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"I’m not a real critic of hip-hop; I don’t sit there and try to listen too close."

(In my 'you got a disconnected number operator voice'): Please listen to the track and try your review again, or call a hip-hop operator to help you.

No disrespect, but I feel the review was way off the mark.

MaSS sounds like MaSS. Nothing else like him...he's raising the bar for established & up and coming emcees/producers alike.

YOUNG MaSS - "Blue Skyy"

"Will Smith"?? "having fun on a nice day"?? This cat did not hear the lyricist AT ALL! The song talks about the love for the good things in Cali (Good weed, good sunshine, Will Smith just dont be speak'in on good Cali weed.... ya dig!) but the fact that bad stuff (drive by's, young cats having beef with eack other) still can get you down. Your girlfriend may be a star on the east coast, but bring her to Cali and she is just avarage compared to the sexy thangs we have out west!!! Now you mad at her!

The song is one of Mass' few mid-tempo joints. For that "pumped-up" feeling check out www.myspace.com/mass2020 for "Let That Knockk"..... A banger!!!!! The kid is versital! ( Also www.youngmass.com )

Come on Paradise Hills?!?!?!?! Listen to the joint next time!!! (At liest he got the "nice beat" part correct"!!!! Damn... the beat is slamin'!!!!!!

I believe William Morris is very confused about how to critique hip hop music. First, you listen to the beat to see if the sound can penetrate your body and cause your limbs to move. The next part is very crucial so listen carefully; you need to LISTEN TO THE WORDS! The words that Young Mass uses are creative and thought-provoking. I can tell that your age or knowledge was a hindrance to your judgment on Young Mass’ music because you went from Will Smith to Jay-Z and those two artists should not be mention on the same website (not to mention the fact that you remembered that Will Smith had a rapping career). Word to the wise, throw away your Will Smith RECORD before the Reader finds out that you have one and ban you from being a hip hop critic. Oh yeah, you should pick up Young Mass album instead!

yo young mass is hard as F****, i know fifth personally anjd not only does this cat make amazing beats he's completley down to earth and an amazing lyrycist. I mean he's been with digital underground since he was 16 and did the cherry flavored emails track. mad props fifth! ill be helping spread the word about your new cd for sure dawg. B-retta

man how can u comment on a song that u aint even listend to propley, u said it urself - "I’m not a real critic of hip-hop; I don’t sit there and try to listen too close." if u aint listening to the lyrics all ur going to get is the beat, n that all u really commented on. the beat is dope, no doubt about that, its smooth and calm. n u saying its for the kids, wot part of people getting killd is for the kids. its about the life on the west coast, whats hes gone through. n what better u got 2 of the greatest on the track, Money-B and Shock-G, whats not to love about the song. the dude abouve u would of done a better job, it looks like he atchully listens to the lyrics. when i listen to a song i go through it atleast 2 times so i get the song completly. since i got the album, i wouldnt like to say how many times exactly ive listend to it coz it S*** loads. n ive been banging Blue Skys for ove a year in my collection. its straight fyaa. people go to youngmass.com and copp the album, he more diverse than what this guys sayin. hes got a completly diffrent style to Will Smith and better lyrics than jay-z

peace -Rev

Will Smith huh? Sure. Okay.

Truth is, the author of this review shouldn't be writing about Hip Hop if he's not gonna bother to listen. Blue Skyy is a nice kickback joint about the things you love and hate about Cali. "Murda happen all the time..." would never come out of Will Smith's mouth. Closest thing to negativity you'd get from him is "You Saw My Blinker Bitch" ha ha.

The remix with Digital Underground is a smoker, and will also appear on the new d.u. album dropping in May on Jake Records. I'd send a review copy to this guy for the press... but I'm afraid he'd make some strange Humpty Hump / Fat Boys comparison that would make us all cringe. So I'll pass... get your mind right next time dude!!

Ha!!!! I love seeing what people get out of my music even if the reveiwer is waaayy off base!!! I can sort of see what he was trying to say about Will Smith as far as this particular song goes... I think he's making a comparison to the classic "Summertime" record!! Thats a complement to me because I grew up on that jam so I'm not offended in the least bit. Also I feel that when Shock G did the remix, it gave it a different flavor from the original that made him and Mon want to touch it in the first place! That was was a Banga. As far as my lyrical ability goes, I'm murderin Jay-z, Nas, and your favorite rapper for 3 reasons:1) I'm young 2) I'm hungry 3) I'm relentless with it!! Go cop the first chapter of my musical Novel "Young Mass"!! The next chapter will be "Prodigal Son" a classic in my eyes!! Be sure to keep up with my shows, appearances, and new news @ www.youngmass.com and myspace.com/mass2020. Till next time folks, much love and stay safe out here!! -Mass

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