The Shining Path, The Roman Spring, Tarsha

Artist: The Shining Path

Song: "Hadliku Ner" (from their self-titled CD)

Heard By: Willie Teran, Coronado

It started out pretty cool, but it really didn't go anywhere. The beat was really nice, but I don't think I really dug the singing. I really need to be into the vocalist or else I just can't get into it. I really dig stuff like Roy Orbison [because] he just had an amazing voice, so this is not really my type of music. It was experimental...I don't even know what instruments they used. There were a lot of effects and noise, but for the most part it was just straightforward. I was just really trying to listen to the music -- I wasn't listening to the lyrics, really. I'm more of, like, a classic-rock guy. Experimental [music] is all right if it's good. I like Lightning Bolt, and they're not classic rock.

Artist: The Roman Spring

Song: "Operator" (from www.myspace.com/theromanspring)

Heard By: Jimmy Steward, Chula Vista

The start was too long, a little bit. It sounds like a Franz Ferdinand song, except the guy who does the vocals...I don't know who I'd compare him to...maybe some older band that I can't think of right now. It was different; it sounded kind of dark, but it still had that indie upbeat to it. It almost sounds depressing, in a way. The only lyric that stands out right now because I've only heard it once is "is there someone else?" I think the lead guitarist stood out because he's just strumming along the whole time. I could hear it on the radio. It's something I'd probably listen to driving home at night.

Artist: Tarsha

Song: "Dirty" (from the CD Prophecies)

Heard By: Jessica Reeves, Hillcrest

I liked it; it had a good beat. It was catchy. I kept thinking of Nine Inch Nails. It's like alternative rock. The mood of the song was, like, "party, hang out, and drink." It was kind of happy but demanding, like, "this is what I want" and "give it to me." I kind of knew what the lyrics were about...it was a little perverted. The lyrics were, like, "get dirty" and "it feels good." I think they [sang] the chorus too much and maybe they could use more words. [Musically,] it sounded great; everything blended in perfectly. I'd give it a nine out of ten. I'd go to a concert and see it.

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