He Knows the Streets

E-Low recently began a new season of The Grimmie Wreck TV Show. Since he was interviewed in "Blurt" one year ago, E-Low says his two-year-old hip-hop show has become profitable.

"I'm paying myself back for what I spent the first year," he says. According to a spokesman for Cox Communications, the 30-minute program costs "between $300 to $400" to air. (Fridays at 11:30 p.m. on Cox South's channel 14; same time on Time Warner's channel 12...in October, the Time Warner channel will change.)

E-Low funds the show through advertisers, including bail-bond companies and club promoters. Local artists and record labels can pay to be featured on the show, though E-Low won't say how much artists pay for the exposure.

"We interview them and let them perform. We might go to a club where they are performing."

The Grimmie Wreck TV Show focuses on hip-hop, but E-Low says he is open to other styles of music.

"In this town, rap sells more than anything else. We have people making a good living off of making rap records, like Mitchy Slick, Lil B-Stone, and Lil One. We are the media for hip-hop in this town."

What about local radio stations Z-90 and 98.9?

"What they do is 100 percent wack; 98.9 used to play local acts until they got everyone to listen, then they dropped local acts and went mainstream. And Z-90 acts like local acts don't even exist. That's the main reason I started this TV show. Those stations don't know the streets.... We have a major stronghold on this town, and a lot of people don't want to recognize that."

The Grimmie Wreck TV Show is viewable on videophones via www.xyzmobi.com.

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