Shuns and Roses

Last night, Roses on Her Grave debuted at the Viper Room, the same West Hollywood showcase that rewarded Dirty Sweet with a month-long residency last year.

"Dirty Sweet are now in the about-to-be-the-biggest-thing-ever mode," says Viper Room talent buyer Joe Rinaldi, "but they have been in that mode for six to eight months." Other locals tapped by Rinaldi to play the Sunset Boulevard club include Lady Dottie and the Diamonds, the Nurses, Buckfast Superbee, and Transfer.

"Nothing is going on in [San Diego] right now," says Roses lead singer C.J. Gladstone. Regarding Grand Ole Party, thought by many to be the next S.D. band to break, Gladstone says, "Some people are down on them a little bit. But [lead singer Kristin Gundred] flat out belts out the vocals....

"I feel we're not even in the right town for what we're doing," continues Gladstone. "We're doing that nasty, dirty rock and roll. I think this town misses a lot of that. It seems like this town wallows in that pop-punk crap.... In Europe, [the Bloody Hollies, a S.D. band] sell out shows and sell tons of merch. Here, it's just not the same for them."

Gladstone shares the front of the stage with a female bassist and female guitarist. Only a handful of other bands (Veruca Salt, Elastica, Nashville Pussy) have the same two-man/two-woman lineup.

"Don't forget Abba or the Starland Vocal Band," jokes Gladstone.

Roses on Her Grave appear tomorrow at Winstons and September 21 at the Casbah.

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