House Rules

"The shitheads at the House of Blues in San Diego said they didn't know that [the Black Crowes] was going to record the show ourselves, he didn't read the contract," writes Boa at Crowesbase.com. Since 1997, Crowesbase has worked with Black Crowes management to archive every band performance. Boa is one of the tapers.

He writes of the October 9 show, "After I setup at soundcheck, I went out to the bus for awhile and came back in...all of mine and Kevin's gear [was] gone; stands, tripods, three cameras, two pairs of Gefells, the R4, etc., all gone, as the staff thought it was rude to setup and not ask first....

"I spoke with Brady Campbell, the House Manager, and he said he was aware of the situation right after it happened, as he was apprised by HOB flunky Scott Munson as to what they had concocted. Brady explained to me that HOB tough guy Jack Ahrens took it upon himself to steal my gear and stow it away somewhere in the building. Mr. Campbell felt that Mr. Ahrens was entirely in his right as no one had apprised the HOB of the band taping their own performance."

According to Boa, HOB management at first refused to return the equipment until after the show.

"They told me more than once that they do not like tapers and that Live Nation is not taper friendly and that HOB and 4th and B are Live Nation venues.... I had to sign a waiver and the equipment was returned to me at the soundboard."

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