Agave, Immovable Objects, Mike Press

Artist: Agave

Song: "Drippin' Bitches" (from the CD Radiates Your Head)

Heard By: David Martin, Golden Hill

When it first started, I thought it was serious and I was, like, "wow, that's some pretty bad songwriting." Then I realized it was a joke and I could respect it for what it was -- nothing that I'd listen to. I could see if it was trimmed up nicely it'd make a nice little commercial one-hit wonder. It was like a Phish-meets-Sublime version of a Ludacris or Juvenile song; like, "all big-booty ho's, back that ass up" style. I'd call it frat-party rock. I liked the female vocals -- that was not expected. Otherwise, it was pretty standard, musically. I would say [that would be a good song for] shotgunning beers in Pacific Beach and "bro" high-fiving my buddies with tribal tattoos.

Artist: Immovable Objects

Song: "Raindrops in Morning Traffic" (from the CD Hoping it Stays Just This Broken")

Heard By: Kathy Jimenez, East Village

It started out really slow with the xylophone, which is kind of cool. I could have been studying to something like that, but as soon as it picks up with the guitar, it kind of threw me off. It sounded like metal. It wasn't what I expected. Toward the end it seemed like someone was going to die. There's a lot going on in the song. I think they were trying to go for the Mars Volta [sound]. It kind of reminded of that [band] when they "went off." I actually couldn't hear the lyrics; there was so much noise going on. I would expect to hear it in someone's car...like, [it's] something underground that I wouldn't be aware of.

Artist: Mike Press

Song: "Smart Went Crazy" (from the CD Keep Your Head)

Heard By: Eric Lavallie, East Village

I thought that it's definitely not breaking any new ground. It's not something that I'd want to buy or really look forward to listening to again. It wasn't horrible; it just sounds like traditional, American, semi-power-folksy-pop from the early to mid '90s. It reminded me a lot of Everlast, maybe even the Lemonheads on their worst day. The lyrics seemed pretty simple and weren't very inspiring. It really seemed to be one of those songs where it all builds up to a really good chorus, but the payoff never comes. I guess I really wouldn't be a good gauge of what would end up being popular, so perhaps [it could get airplay].

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