Raul, Randy, Canadian

Tim Fair

Age: 21

Occupation: Electrical Engineer

Lives: Clairemont

I have a couple good examples of aliases me and my friends give random people we see in public situations. For example, my go-to name for a guy I don't know is always " Raul." It works pretty well because it's just really funny and usually the guy himself or someone around corrects you pretty quickly because (unless he really is Raul) you clearly don't know the person's name. Another good one is " Randy." Randy is that totally random guy who shows up uninvited to a party. It's really fun to make Randy feel uncomfortable by calling him Randy all night when it's obviously not his name. And finally we use "Canadian"as an adjective for describing someone who is a little off or quirky like, "yeah don't worry about him... he's Canadian. "

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Ha ha, I'm Canadian and we are all definately a little off and quirky.

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