Steve Poltz, Trevor Davis, Assunda Bolo

Artist: Steve Poltz

Song: "Haters' Union" (from the CD Traveling)

Heard By: Lauren Russell, North Park

I thought that it was interesting, but I actually found the CD insert booklet more entertaining than the music itself. It was clever. There were some funny things he had in there, like a note he had written to a fan that said, "I'm really happy to have met you and your husband. I'm going to kill you both and stuff your bodies in the trunk of a taxi cab and set the whole thing on fire." I thought that was pretty funny. I didn't hear any of that necessarily in the music. I'd say he's in the singer/songwriter genre. He should be some sort of comedy writer. It made me come to the conclusion that I'd like to hang out with Steve Poltz but maybe if he didn't have his guitar.

Artist: Trevor Davis

Song: "Arrowplane" (from the CD Nothing Ringing True)

Heard By: Michael Jonas, Ocean Beach

I liked it. I thought that [he's] kind of like an upbeat Ben Harper or Gavin DeGraw with modern beats. It's also a little like Silversun Pickups or the Bravery at times. It's relaxing with a good tempo. The lyrics were about some sort of journey in life, some sort of opportunity. I thought that it was hopeful. I would call it pop with electronic beats. I heard some instruments that I didn't know what they were -- something like a triangle or xylophone. I thought his voice was good. I thought that it expressed his emotions. It would work on a hit radio station but also like a 94.9 "rock" station. I think he would have an appeal. For me, it's like "study" music.

Artist: Assunda Bolo

Song: "Once Again (Feat. Scha Scha)" (from the CD Unfadeable)

Heard By: Marie Snyder, Austin, TX

It's pretty cheesy. It's like something you'd hear at a really bad club that Marines hang out at in the Gaslamp. I don't listen to anything like that. It sounds like -- I don't know -- they were trying to be a little bit reggae but they were "club" guys. They seemed confused about what it was, too. They name-dropped expensive liquor and talked about staring at girls. It's like something you would hear on Jammin' Z90. It doesn't have anything that was really catchy in it. If I was going to hear that song, a typical situation that would happen in would be if it was 3 in the afternoon and I was stumbling in drunk off the beach toward the boardwalk in P.B.

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