Cathouse Thumpers

Album: Cathouse Thumpers (2007)

Artist: Cathouse Thumpers

Label: self-released

Where available/price: At live shows for $10. Online at for $11.99.

Songs: 1) Our Neck of the Woods 2) Cool 18 3) Chicken Legs ·4) Spellcaster 5) Just for Kicks 6) Little Green Men 7) Big Daddy ·8) Disappearing Girl 9) Sweet Sweet Gin 10) Chainsmokin ·11) I Can't Stop 12) The Time of Our Lives ·13) Eastbound and Down· Band: Gig Fortier (guitar, vocals), Jeremy Preston Rouse (bass), Mark Kaufman (drums)


Cathouse Thumpers are creating a stir by playing KUSI's morning show on Halloween and pairing up with Hot Rod Lincoln to play spots from here to Long Beach. There's also talk of an upcoming European tour, and for good reason.

The band plays straight rockabilly but with some creative twists. The pompadour troubadours capture that midcentury ambience that could be featured in a Robert Rodriguez film. Everything on the album has a double entendre, especially the songs "Chicken Legs" and "Big Daddy." With a name like Cathouse Thumpers, you can imagine.

On the song "Little Green Men," front man Gig starts off with a galactic ray-gun noise on his guitar and then launches into a 1950s-style narrative of marauding Martians. Track five, "Just for Kicks," is a moody instrumental that displays the band's jazzy talents.

My favorite song is "Sweet Sweet Gin"; it offers to slake your thirst with Gig's Southern-fried vocals and Rouse's popping bass. The album finishes with a treatment of the Jerry Reed trucker anthem "Eastbound and Down," from theSmokey and the Bandit movies. I love that.

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