Canobliss, The Space Lounge Syndicate

Artist: Canobliss

Song: "Riot" (from the CD Liberation of Dissonance)

Heard By: Alan Castaneda, Lemon Grove

Right away, I think I'd listen to it again. It's wasn't too predictable. They were combining a lot of different elements. The guitars have harmonies and tapping -- real fast stuff. The vocals had a lot of melody, which I like. The vocals were pretty prominent. They reminded me of traditional heavy-metal bands, like Judas Priest and Iron Maiden -- old-school bands that use their vocals in a more intelligent fashion. The lyrics were pretty sweet. What I could interpret [about the lyrics] was everything was falling apart and then the usual things like pain -- things that everybody goes through. It was a pretty strong song.

Artist: The Space Lounge Syndicate

Songs: "Omega Voyage" (from the CD Live from the Omega Station)

Heard By: Rhett Peña, North Park

It reminded me of stuff I'd hear on 94.9's Big Sonic Chill. It reminded me of Portishead or UNKLE. The vocals reminded me of Portishead a lot. It was really spaced out. It seems like something that I'd be lying in my bed staring at my ceiling and listening to...or aimlessly walking around late at night. It was shoegaze mixed with electronica. It was mellow, but at the same time the sounds were kind of dark and ominous. It'd definitely get airplay on Big Sonic Chill. I think it fits right in with DJ Shadow, Radiohead — those kinds of bands.

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